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Bloomfields by Tatweer Misr in Mostakbal City

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Tatweer Misr broke ground with its two impressive coastal developments, Il Monte Galala and Fouka Bay. It has now announced the launch of its first urban home development in Mostakbal City - Bloomfields. Set among acres of lush landscape, Bloomfields offers a world of services and top-notch facilities.

Exterior building design for Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr


The total land area dedicated to Bloomfields is 415 acres, divided into 4 plots. The first plot to be developed is situated adjacent to Madinaty and spans 105 acres.

Location of Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

Bloomfields is a mixed-use development which will include a 90-acre educational complex "Centre of Enlightment" comprising an international university and three international schools.


The project is aesthetically designed to embrace cascading green terraces, floating pools, and interactive roofs, as well as breakthrough flying residences for homeowners to connect, walk, and relax as they fully enjoy their everyday life.

Exterior designs in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

Imaginatively planned to become an iconic landmark in Mostakbal City, Bloomfields combines the quality of living in a breathing green environment with the excitement of enjoying a central urban lifestyle; all seamlessly interconnected by linked activity bridges for homeowners to appreciate luxury living at varied heights.

Exterior designs in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

Bloomfields buildings boast sweeping panoramic glass facades that open onto impressive lush views at any level, bringing in light and nature into every home.

Residential building renders in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr


Master planned by world-renowned Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and Partners in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Egyptian architect Raef Fahmy, Bloomfields is inspired by the tree of life, and the natural balance it represents.

Concept behind master plan for Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

Bloomfields neighbourhoods are uniquely clustered in the shape of a leaf which not only allows an exclusive connection to nature, but also affords total privacy for all homeowners alike. Designed to meet every resident’s desire, the project offers an unrivalled variety of housing options.

Bloomfields phase one master plan


This uniquely designed development is composed of pure residential areas called "Clusters" in addition to mixed areas which comprise both residential and commercial units called "Downtown".


Cluster buildings feature a variety of housing options at different levels, spanning across; spacious ground villas with lush garden oases, sky luxury villas with floating pools, twin villas with direct access to interactive roof terraces, in addition to elegantly appointed roof town houses, VIP apartments, and flying residences. All buildings are carefully planned with specific protrusions to ensure utmost privacy while contributing to overall climate control, culminating in spacious roof terraces, and linked mixed-use facilities that transform the concrete into lively and breathing happening spots. Specific floors within cluster buildings include a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, a BBQ area, a kids play zone, a quiet zone and a family seating zone.

Floor plans for the second floor in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

Floor plans for fifth floor in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr


Downtown buildings comprise smaller units which complement the commercial areas. Apartments will include 1 bedroom (74 sqm), 2 bedroom (124 sqm) and 3 bedroom (150 sqm).

Floor plans for down town area in Bloomfields in Mostakbal City by Tatweer Misr

All of Bloomfields housing options are carefully planned to face well-lit exteriors, offering one-of-a-kind luxury experiences, ranging from bath tubs opening onto lush private balconies, sun drenched open kitchens, and duplexes with linear double heights for mobile comfort. Combining true luxury with highly specified comfort; the modular spaces bring the outdoors inside by infusing raw punctuations from nature not only allowing light and greenery to unfold all around, but also transforming each home into an exclusive private island of utmost privacy.


  • 5% down payment

  • 10% contract payment after 3 months

  • 85% to be paid in equal instalments over 8 years.

Find out more on our gallery page for Bloomfields; browse brochures, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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