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Bloomfields by Tatweer Misr in Mostakbal City

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Landscape design in Bloomfields

Located in Mostakbal City, Bloomfields is a beautiful green town development created by the most innovative property developer in Egypt – Tatweer Misr. This stunning development comes with an exceptional level of culture and first-class facilities, including education. It is a development that leads from the front with forward thinking and design.

Bloomfields Location in East Cairo

The residential part of Bloomfields is positioned within an area of 325 feddans in Mostakbal City comprising approximately 10,600 units. In addition to this uniquely designed residential area, Bloomfields is set to also include an entertainment area covering 39 feddans and a 90-feddan entrepreneurial hub which is composed of an international school on 20 feddans and an international university on 70 feddans. Over a ten-year period, the development will see an investment of EGP 28bn in the residential project and EGP 5bn in the entrepreneurial hub.

Building architecture in Bloomfields

This modern and progressive project is designed to capture the imagination and attention of all. It is set to become the home of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and that is down to the fact that it consists of the very first entrepreneurial university, a vibrant college town, an innovative Business Park and Schools that are internationally recognised.

Bloomfields Location in Mostakbal City.j

Bloomfields – The Perfect Location

Bloomfields is ideally located, not just because of its position between New Cairo and the New Capital but because of its close proximity to the New Capital’s fast train station and International Airport. Accessibility to the project is also enhanced due to its close position to the Middle Ring Road as well as the Regional Ring Road.

Bloomfields Master Plan

The Master Plan

Bloomfields takes inspiration from the Tree of Life and was brought to life by world-known Italian Architect Gianluca Peluffo and Egyptian architect Raef Fahmy. Bloomfields is centred around a college town that reaches out to perfectly designed residential spaces that are gated for privacy and comfortable living. The design of Bloomfields is one that focuses on the open spaces, all of which encompasses living areas in order to offer stunning views while being interconnected through bridges that are designed to deliver integrated living on a whole new level.

Bloomfields College Town

The College Town

This is the place where comfortable living, creativity, study and work come together harmoniously. The beating heart of the town is entrepreneurship and this will underpin both the commercial and administrative aspects of the project in the years ahead. 

The aim is to deliver an Egyptian University that reaches international standards. This is to be achieved through thorough preparation, smart architectural designs to seek out the right partners in order to help take on the challenge of providing a university on this scale.

Rooftop amenities in Bloomfields

Phase I - Cluster Zone

The triple mixed-use buildings are met with unbeatable amenities and a truly modern concept. The project incorporates a design that is pleasing on the eye, through sprawling green terraces to interactive roofs and floating pools. Residents can interact, socialise and embrace the world around them through innovative flying residences. The aim is for Bloomfields to become the main talking point of Mostakbal City. It delivers an unrivalled level of urban living that brings people together in a whole new way. This is clever living, designed around the clever use of space and forward-thinking. It is a project of the future, right now.

Rooftop swimming pools in Bloomfields apartments

Bloomfields has been designed to provide a feeling of elegance and functionality. The neighbourhoods are designed around the shape of a leaf, enabling residents to be at one with nature while giving them the privacy that should come with owning a home. 

Bloomfields phase one apartment buildings

The project meets the diverse requirements of residents through a wide selection of housing options based on different levels, including ground villas with ample space and stunning landscaped gardens, sky luxury villa that come with floating pools as well as twin villas that have access to interactive roof terraces. There are also VIP apartments and flying residences, all of which are designed to offer an exclusive style of living injected with luxury and comfort.

Central landscape in between apartmen buildings

At this point, the design incorporates imagination and innovation, enabling homeowners to relax, walk and connect in new and exciting ways. Bloomfields has been designed to captivate and turn itself into an influential landmark in Mostakbal City. Residents can enjoy luxury living at different heights, interconnected by bridges, delivering a seamless quality of living, surrounded by a natural environment and aesthetically pleasing design.

Downtown Zone on Bloomfields Phase One M

The Downtown Zone

Residents can benefit from living in the beating heart of the area, surrounded by manicured gardens and the commercial hub, it brings together comfortable living and a lifestyle that offers so much. The Down Town Zone is close enough to offer it all, but far enough to give residents the space and privacy they need.

Downtown Lofts in Bloomfields.jpg

A number of housing options can be found in Bloomfields that are designed to enhance that community aspect of residential living. It merges urban city living with space and surroundings that deliver an impact like no other development. Residents will have access to everything they could ever want, ranging from coffee shops through to fine dining establishments.

Villas in Bloomfields

Phase II - Villas Zone

The modern concept of phase 2 is designed to deliver a range of beautiful villas, twin houses and town houses, all of which make great use of the open space and captivating views that can be enjoyed at every level. Light and nature seamlessly blend together to give each home its own personality and outlook. The homes are built with privacy in mind and smart designs make this a reality. These homes are designed to be embraced and enjoyed and so, sprawling roof terraces make it possible to turn these homes into places that breathe life and have a soul.

Twin Villas Design in Bloomfields

Sharp lines and simple designs deliver a real impact with panoramic glass windows that are designed to invite the beautiful outdoors inside. This delivers well-lit areas and an experience that has to be seen to be believed. There are kitchens draped in natural sunlight, private balconies and duplexes that consist of linear double height delivering an impressive level of comfort. Every property becomes its own island, whereby they benefit from its own outlook, aspect and privacy, transforming them into spaces that become a real living paradise.

Bloomfields landscape design

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Mostakbal City Guide

Mostakbal City – A City of Green Space and Community Living

Covering 11,000 acres, Mostakbal City merges open green spaces with community living, bringing accommodation to over one million people. This fully-integrated city has been designed through five phases, delivering an innovative way of living, luring many reputable developers and investors in Egypt to the area.

Mostakbal City Facts & Figures

The area has sparked their interest due to the road infrastructure, stunning landscapes and the way in which its location turns it into an economic centre, which is home to major businesses and residential areas. Developers will be able to benefit from offering a highly-sought after address within this extended area of New Cairo. Its location, poised between New Cairo’s Golden Square and Cairo’s New Capital as well as being close to Al Ein Al Sokhna, delivers an exclusive opportunity.

Bloomfields cover image

A Few Words About the Developer


Tatweer Misr was founded in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength. Their forward thinking and innovative apporach enables this award-winning developer to create developments that deliver luxurious living which is fresh and inspirational. The company has grown quickly and that can be put down to their desire to offer sustainable developments that inspires people to capitalise on the opportunity to live a new lifestyle.


Now regarded as one of the most trusted developers in Egypt, Tatweer Misr have continued to use the technical support and business knowledge of its major shareholders such as Arafa and Ahram Groups to meet the demand for mixed-use residential projects. They call on modern architecture, inspirational landscaping and commercial integration that sits at the heart of what they offer.


Tatweer Misr presents projects that consist of exceptional standards and quality that is recognised the world over. Through the implementation of construction, design and architecture all of which is underpinned by stunning landscapes, impressive facilities and amenities. Homeowners will benefit from a customer-focused approach that is delivered through the unique vision of Tatweer Misr to offer value and a whole new way of living.

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