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Il Monte Galala Real Picture

Proudly positioned in the soul of Galala Mountain, IL Monte Galala brings together every inch of the surrounding natural beauty to deliver a breathtaking location that is exceptionally pleasing on the eye. IL Monte Galala spans over 2.24 million sqm to lap an unspoiled 1.4 km beach, conceiving a global universe in its own right. This year-round mountain-top community with its idyllic beach lifestyle and lush landscapes sets a global benchmark for luxury living, sustainability and unrivalled hospitality, earning it the best “Residential Low-Rise Project Award for Emerging Markets” by Cityscape Global in 2016.


Waterfront homes perched on the edge of Galala’s mountain gently brush shoulders with the beautifully serene Red Sea, while the world’s first mountain-top swimmable lagoon overlooks this magnificent location. Everything about this location oozes excellence and this is just the start.

The view from the top of Il Monte Galala

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Diving in the Reef

The Red Sea’s unique location is internationally renowned for its mesmerising vibrancy captured in crystal clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and perfect year-round temperatures. This unspoiled coastline is Egypt’s well-kept natural gem which is rightfully acclaimed as one the world’s diving spots with more than 200 colourful reefs and over 1,000 invertebrate species.

3D Master Plan IL Monte Galala

IL Monte Galala provides its residents with a unique opportunity, where they can benefit from owning a luxury home that has been meticulously designed by world-renowned Italian architect Gianluco Peluffo and Partners. This location grips lovingly onto the deep, rich, vibrant colours that surround it, before gently embracing all that it has to offer. IL Monte Galala is developed by Egypt’s most innovative developer – Tatweer Misr. The design, coupled with the architectural beauty delivers a living experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Inspiration is taken from the lavish surroundings of Portofino and that can be seen in IL Monte Galala’s design and appearance. Vivid landscapes, a relaxing beach lifestyle and luxurious living. If heaven on earth exists, then this is it.

IL Monte Galala elevators powered by Maspero Elevatori

Natural Beauty and Decadent Design


A seamless merging of natural beauty, IL Monte Galala pulls the pure, captivating shorelines towards the dominant mountains, creating a development that is to become a paradise in every aspect. The expansive mountain range has gone through an impressive transformation with world-renowned Crystal Lagoons® creating mountain-top lagoons that sprawl across the development. Designed to inspire and deliver a unique experience at every level, IL Monte Galala also brings with it a truly spectacular world of retail and leisure. From accessibility to a sustainable blueprint, the zones are linked like clasping hands, with elevators powered by Maspero Elevatori in addition to electric cars that deliver a futuristic experience throughout. Every zone has been delicately designed to offer a unique personality and a feeling of different communities positioned at varying heights. The development has elegant villas, seamlessly floating on water and condos that are unrivalled in design as well as beach-front cabanas that deliver the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. IL Monte Galala has a charm and purposeful design that offers an opulent selection of modern property and branded residences that work harmoniously with simple beachside living, enticing that youthful feeling of nature into every corner of this development.

The Views from IL Monte Galala property

IL Monte Galala has been created with one rule and that is to ensure that everyone can benefit from the exclusive, captivating views that come with this mountain-top development. The development was designed to encompass the grandeur of its rich and vibrant surroundings where the rolling hills gently caress the calmness of the Red Sea. This is the ultimate in luxury living. Each day, residents are rewarded with deep blue tones and if they choose to, they can visit the mountaintop lagoons as they meander their way down to the Red Sea. To embrace the wonder of nature, IL Monte Galala has been designed in such a way that delves deep into the heart of the rugged landscape, enabling it to be split into the three zones known as Seafront, Mid-Level and High- Altitude, all of which deliver comfort and the serenity of the surrounding area. The flowing lagoons tie the development together while flora and fauna inject colour and aromas that waft through the air.

IL Monte Galala Inspired Architecture

Created with Passion, Centred Around Nature


Sustainability underpins the uniqueness of IL Monte Galala as every aspect of the design urges residents to consider the environment. Water conservation along with energy and air gives the development a push in the right direction when it comes to living sustainably and responsibly. IL Monte Galala has partnered up with the Environment and Development Group (EDG) for sustainable solutions. All homes have been designed to incorporate and encourage a greener standard of living. From vegetated rooftops to using solar panels, renewable energy and clean living can be identified in every aspect of the design. The site also prides itself on its ability to manage and reduce waste using effective methods, leading towards a sustainable future that gives IL Monte Galala a strong foothold in the area well into the future. The message of reduce, reuse, recycle clearly defines what the aim of this development is about.


Entertainment at Every Turn


This area of the Red Sea is the gift that keeps on giving. The gentle, calm waters encompass the floating bungalows, delivering an impressive level of exclusive living and comfort. Aligning itself with nature, 600 metres deep, each property is draped in the warm sunshine as it stands proudly on its own island. From the crisp, white beaches to the gorgeous, manicured grounds, everything is in reach and never too far away. The levels of comfort at IL Monte Galala are unrivalled and this is the place for you to sit back and relax, watching the world go by or embracing the fine-dining, the water-sport facilities or even embracing the marine life. This cannot be found anywhere else. That is a promise. As day turns to night, the development takes on a new persona that consists of life and vibrancy. There are many dining options available and enough entertainment to keep you hooked for hours. IL Monte Galala’s Seafront Zone is the place to embrace the amazing entertainment on offer.

Master Plan of IL Monte Galala

Embrace the Power of Water


Water is magnificent in every way and that is why it forms a significant part of the development. Visually and audibly it soothes and calms while reinvigorating and refreshing all who embrace this spectacular development. The rugged mountains burst into the sky and the unique tranquil lagoons offer more than a postcard-perfect image. The first mountain-top lagoon can be found in IL Monte Galala covering 200,000 sqm creating a pristine 11km shoreline. It creates a paradise where you can reinvent yourself and become at one with nature. The design has really pushed boundaries and met the challenges of the topography with an elegance and charm. This is an area that almost breathes wealth in both structural design and the natural beauty that surrounds it. There are water sports, water lounges and Lagoon Club Houses, water breathes life into this development and that can be seen in more ways than one.

IL Monte Galala Mountain Adventure Park

Immerse Yourself into Nature


An eco-friendly campsite allows you to strip back all of the trappings of life, allowing you to be at one. The simplicity of life in this way will enable you to embrace the warm bonfires and close your eyes to the mesmerising sounds of the Red Sea. The vast desert and the chance to explore will inject life into you because the Mountaintop Adventure Park has it all on offer. Open climbing spaces and a partnership with Rock n' Rope create a mountain-top community that you cannot ignore. Let your excitement and inner child run wild, this is your place to dream and explore. Founded by Nora Kafafi and Omar Samra, Egypt’s first and youngest Arab to climb Mount Everest and the 7 Summits, the Adventure Park in IL Monte Galala will offer one of the largest outdoor climbing walls in the Middle East.

The view in IL Monte Galala Homes

Open Air Art and High-Class Retail

The DNA of IL Monte Galala is made up of arts and culture. Residents are encouraged to walk among the stunning sculptures and murals, where they can breathe in the beauty that surrounds them. From the Art Symposium to the Vibrant Art Walk, this coastal paradise fascinates and inspires.
Residents can live the high-life as they stroll through the Old Town, taking in the boutique shops and captivating fine-dining and entertainment options that are available to all. As the sun disappears below the horizon, the Old Town comes to life and residents can relax and embrace a different pace to life in the chic cocktail bars and smart cafes. Embrace the wonder of the setting, sip a cocktail or taste the deep flavours of a traditional Italian Coffee. Food lovers are spoilt for choice and the five-star dining experiences on offer will blow them away. For those who want to experience an authentic Italian dish then there is lots on offer such as pizzerias and trattorias, all of which deliver sensational tastes and flavours that simply allow you to drift away. For shopping lovers, IL Monte Galala’s Commercial Zone boasts a world-class shopping mall, offering everything you desire from sophisticated brands to daily grocery needs. When the night falls, join the younger crowd in partying till the break of dawn by choosing from a variety of upbeat clubs, lavish chill-out beach lounges and fun-packed music halls.


Calm. Serene. Relax. Revive

For those who like to immerse themselves in spa treatments, the world-class spa at IL Monte Galala does not disappoint. First impressions count and this mountain-top spa delivers views alone that calm the soul and brings you back to nature. Leave the dramatic surroundings behind and restore your inner balance by taking advantage of the multi-level thalassotherapy pools of hot and cold seawater and sample the Zen relaxation zones as well as a wide range of exclusive treatments. This luxurious experience does not end there; there are three 5-star luxury hotels on offer that provide a haven of tranquillity, inviting the spectacular surroundings to lead you on a journey that is delivered by international professionals and underpinned by the sprawling Red Sea as it unfolds in front of your very eyes. 

The Colours of Nature and a World Class Sports Zone

The development pins itself on promoting an environment that encourages residents to be at one with themselves. IL Monte Galala’s Desert Park and Nature Walk is an inspiring portrayal of Egypt’s desert environment effortlessly. Guests can take advantage of the sweet aromas and sensational colour that bring the mountain-top gardens to life. Exotic trees are dotted around the gardens and the wide range of flowers are pleasing on the eye. Pass the time soaking in the views under a gazebo or wander aimlessly. The botanical garden paths snake and wind leading you to the mountains which never stop watching over you and the sea that continues to move with the ticking hands of time. The botanical garden is the place to simply stop and forget about the world for a few moments.
For those who prefer to stay active and embrace different activities, the Sports Zone at IL Monte Galala has been designed with an element of professionalism and freedom in mind. This inclusive environment enables residents to exercise at their own pace or take advantage of the highly qualified trainers who are on hand to offer their professional advice. The Sports Zone is connected by elevators and pathways, giving residents access to indoor and outdoor court as the ever-present views that follow you everywhere you go in IL Monte Galala. From Tennis to Badminton, Squash or Football, this is the place where you can burn some energy and embrace this healthy and invigorating way of life.

Exemplary Education

The Art and Fashion School is perched on top of IL Galala Mountain and provides a place where students can embrace and grow their talents while surrounded by the magnificent setting. World-class education awaits students who can benefit from a wide range of subjects including arts, design and fashion. Healthy partnerships with world-leading institutions and global academies encourage learning and creativity that is delivered with the freedom for the top talent to reach out and fulfil their potential.

Signature Villa in IL Monte Galala

Visually Striking Homes


The homes are nestled 210 metres above the sea and they all overlook the wonder of IL Monte Galala as graciously presents itself to the gorgeous coastline. Every home on the development has been meticulously designed to deliver sharp lines, expansive interiors emblazoned by natural light and a way of life that naturally and seamlessly brings together the indoors and outdoors. The introduction of natural stone enables homes to blend in with the setting and the wooden beams create character and design that flows.

Twin Villa in IL Monte Galala

The homes are designed to deliver comfort and luxurious living on a level that has never been seen before. The natural outdoor space has been neatly taken over by the introduction of infinity pools and jacuzzis, along with outdoor space that utilises the never-ending warm climate associated with the Red Sea. Everything has its place and smart thinking has been injected in a precise manner that ensures that every home benefits from this magnificent setting.

Chalets in IL Monte Galala

Step into a world of modern elegance where every detail has been methodically designed to create breathing spaces that perfectly resonate with nature’s dramatic surroundings, reflecting light and mood all around. Acclaimed Egyptian Designer Mona Hussein has desgined nature-inspired themes that combine raw textures and serene punctuations of sea, sand, and mountain.

Chalet type S in IL Monte Galala

IL Monte Galala boasts Maesta’s smart boutique hotel, offering 150 rooms and facilities that provide an experience that will never be forgotten. The Hotel reaches into the heart of IL Monte Galala, allowing guests to experience the entire development in all its glory. Maesta is perfectly located 210 meters high above sea levels, offering architecturally inspired homes where residents can enjoy a spectacular bird’s-eye view of IL Monte Galala’s cascading mountain-top lagoons. Arrive to the warmest of welcomes and most embracing of stays at Maesta’s elegant boutique hotel featuring an array of top-notch facilities. The Maesta summit also boasts state-of-the-art conference facilities and special occasion venues that take in stunning views to delight and inspire.

Maesta's Boutique Hotel

IL Monte Galala is a place that consists of a design that comes from nature and through the clever thinking of architects and designers. Breathtaking spaces resonate with the surroundings, this is a development that is inspired by nature but also by the need for exclusive living. The rawness yet perfection of this development is awe-inspiring and certainly delivers an experience that etches itself into the memory of all who are lucky enough to pass through this amazing part of the world.

IL Monte Galala Maesta
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