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O West Orascom

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Orascom Developments presents O West a new landmark for integrated living in the heart of 6th of October City. Designed by one of the most famous architectural design firms in the world - HOK - O West is set in a glorious area that is surrounded by natural beauty sprawling over 1,000 acres of prime land in a West Cairo.

Location of O West in 6 October

This development is designed around encompassing the needs of people, delivering an environment that encourages a social and active lifestyle, underpinned by luxury and first-class design. From the imaginative, immersive layout of the development to technical brilliance, O West inspires and encourages communities to embrace growth and a high standard of living.

O West Orascom

O West is set apart by its intricate design that incorporates natural beauty and concepts that go beyond the imagination of many. The impressive master plan of O West seamlessly blends neighbourhoods that are encapsulated by the wonders of the natural beauty that surrounds it. Communal green space makes this a development that becomes one with nature while those who live in the development benefit from expansive views that deliver a living experience like no other.

Master Plan for O West

At the core of this community is the need to bring people together in an urban-environment where social interaction is something that people naturally become a part of. The smart design of O West proudly offers a natural topography that introduces a central high-street which is naturally cooled by the prevailing winds that caress the surrounding landscape. This area of the development has been pedestrianised and provides a place that can be accessed from both the north and the south of the development. O West presents an urban environment that provides its residents with the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle by providing spaces where they can cycle and walk while embracing their wondrous surroundings. This is a project that takes people on both a physical and an imaginative journey, where they can explore their every need.

O West Landscape Design

Landscaped Seamlessly Brought Together in O West

Designed by EDSA, the landscaping of O West is a work of art. Delivered by this world-renowned global landscaping firm, their ability to take a space and create something that captures the imagination is exactly why they were approached to be part of the project. They inject their passion and innovative designs that inspire in ways which bring people closer to nature. The results are astounding and with this comes an appeal and a need that makes people want to explore their surroundings like never before. Through the merging of landscaping themes, the conceptual design is all about providing a high standard of living beyond the walls of homes. Expansive open spaces are met with neat urban fabrics all of which provide a new element of discovery at every twist and turn. Residents are taken on a journey in O West, where they experience landscaping on a whole new level.

open green spaces in O West

Architecture that Captivates

The modern architecture is designed to fulfil the needs of a community who live a dynamic lifestyle. The design and architecture used has been specifically tailored to the needs of residents and the contemporary look and feel have been created by international architects AAA as well as local architects Innovation Design Studio to bring a functional level of living that crosses a boundary and brings with it closer to sustainability. Spacious areas combined with innovative designs are delivered through materials that consist of exceptional quality. There have been no compromises while every consideration has been made to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and unique.

Design of a Single Storey Standalone Villa in O West

Amenities to Fit Every Lifestyle

O West has been created to bring with it a lifestyle that meets the needs of everyone. The downtown district is where one can find large retailers and small boutique shops as well as restaurants and cafes. A happy place that oozes class, style and sophistication, there is always something happening, making it the hub of O West. This urban experience has been delivered through Orascom know-how, providing an experience where residents feel part of a community.

Facilities in O West

First-class education facilities are available on-site with the aim to deliver education to residents that puts it up as one of the best in Egypt. For those who love nothing more than to lead an active lifestyle, there is plenty on offer, making O West the perfect location where access to a high-standard of sports facilities is easier than ever before. The business district is the beating heart of the community, bringing businesses together to create a bustling commercial area that forms the backbone of a wider community.

standalone villa in O West

Accommodation Options in O West

O West is all about luxury when it comes to accommodation. With a large selection of homes on offer, all can benefit from a plush lifestyle that comes with a modern way of living. There are several types of standalone villas where residents can benefit from spacious living and opulent designs that deliver a touch of class in every way. Each room is graciously planned with a flowing design that encourages an open style of living while the stunning, landscaped gardens make outdoor living a must.

interior design in O West

The Townhouses and Twin houses deliver a unique kind of accommodation that keep within the style and design parameters which put this development on the map. The sleek design incorporates large windows that allow ample light to flow into the rooms. The O West Apartment Neighbourhood offers apartments, lofts, duplexes and penthouses. Each home exudes luxury on every level and when one considers the landscaped exterior and clever design, it is clear to see why O West is a development with a grand reputation.

Design of town houses in O West

Find out more on our gallery page for O West; download brochure, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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