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The 5 Types of Property in Zed East New Cairo by Ora Developers

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

After their outstanding success with Zed Sheikh Zayed, Ora Developers are now heading east to New Cairo with an exceptional masterpiece, Zed East. The project sprawls over 415 acres at the end of South Teseen road with direct frontage overlooking the regional Ring Road. Only 15% is dedicated to the residential foot print leaving approximately 203 acres for lush landscape and open green spaces. The master plan is designed by London-based global architects, WATG. Zed East is set to include a full range of amenities, including a whopping 43-acre fully fledged sports club, a state-of-the-art business park, medical facilities as well as a shopping mall. A range of options are available to home buyers; one to 4 bed apartments and penthouses; unique chalets, town homes, twin houses and standalone villas. Below is an overview for each type. Click here to request brochure and floor plans for Zed East. Contact us directly for prices of available units.


Enjoying a generous floor to floor height of 4 metres, the villas are situated at the heart of the single-family community in the South-East corner of the master plan. There are three types of standalone villas ranging from 255 to 355 sqm in built up area. Crisp white render and warm local limestone define simple volumes with clean lines. Detail is added through the use of louvres in the facades and pergolas that break the light and ensure an ever changing play of shadows.

Type B Standalone villas in Zed East

Twin House

The twin houses are conceived as two separate buildings that speak the same language but are different in nature. Twin houses have a built up area of 225 sqm. Render and stone is used to describe deceptively simple volumes that enclose balconies and shelter terraces. The alternating forms add variation and rhythm to the street front and roof profile.

Zed East New Cairo twin villas

Town Home

The town houses are 200 sqm and consist of four variations on a theme with a central portico element that punctuates the overall skyline silhouette. The simple palette of materials is employed in subtlety different ways as solid, screen, louvre, wall and trellis to produce a form that changes when viewed from different directions.

Town Houses design in Zed East


In keeping with the overall residential language simple materials and volumes combine to produce an overall form that is more than the kit of its parts. A choice of either ground or first floor chalet available. A formal, tailored front elevation gives way to a more playful composition of stone and render volumes at the rear with private terraces giving onto a linear park.

Renders for Chalet units in Zed East


The apartment buildings employ a heterogeneous architectural palette that gives the appearance of many buildings where there is one. Apartments range from 63 to 186 sqm while penthouses are 220 to 238 sqm. The material palette is concise and clean but is used carefully in establishing a series of distinct languages, supported also by the playful interaction of solid and void, light and dark, monolithic and delicate elements.

apartment buildings in Zed East

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