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Zahya New Mansoura | City Edge Developments

Zahya is located in New Mansoura City - the bustling new capital of the Delta. With a promise of a new future equipped with technological advancements, trade, commercial and retail opportunities, Zahya New Mansoura will only provide more clarity for the vision of this new city by housing its residents in homes that provide complete living experiences.

Zahya New Mansoura by City Edge Developments

The future of Egypt’s Delta is bright... The Future is Zahya.

The master plan for Zahya New Mansoura

As a new tech generation city with carefully thought out infrastructure, full-fledged facilities, and impressive retail, trade and commercial opportunities, the Delta will from now on be looked at with a completely different perspective.

Zahya New Mansoura view of the master plan from the Mediterranean Sea

New Mansoura City covers a total area of 7,100 acres with an expected population of almost 700,000 people. The city enjoys a 15 km beach front on the coast of the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea with an inland depth of 1.8 km.

Location of Zahya New Mansoura

When you’re looking for a new home, you’re hoping for something else. Far beyond its location, view and technical specs. The name ‘Zahya’ marks a new beginning which coincides with what awaits the future residents of New Mansoura City.

Facilities and amenities in Zahya New Mansoura

A hybrid of modernity, nature and balance. Zahya makes all pieces of the puzzle fall together with a city built on the foundations of progress and futuristic achievements complemented with the unwinding bliss of nature. With the picturesque views of the Mediterranean coated with fresh, uplifting skies, a life that seems too cinematic, can actually exist.

Life in Zahya New Mansoura

Zahya’s inspiring 30 towers will protrude through the skies as high tech, state-of-the-art landmark, housing the future of New Mansoura City.

The towers in Zahya New Mansoura

The towers appeal to those who value timeless classic designs as well as the modern minimalists. Behind the towers are the villas split into four sections, ranging from townhouses, twin houses to top of the range standalone villas.

Classic standalone villa in Zahya New Mansoura

To cater to all stylistic preferences, your dream home in Zahya has a choice of being timelessly classic or modern with a touch of urban chic.

Modern villa in Zahya New Mansoura

The facilities and amenities of the tower represent the beauty of how technology can improve lifestyle.


Every element of your home will have a contemporary spirit that flirts between modernism and comfort. Moving around your home is seamlessly effortless with a floor plan created to make living simple and easy.

Interior design of tower apartments in Zahya New Mansoura

The interior design of the residential apartments adopts warmth with an earthy colour scheme for a harmonious and coherent aesthetic. Porcelain and acrylic finishing glaze for the flooring and walls, gives a clean aura to your living space.

Interior finishing of tower apartments in Zahya New Mansoura


The pulsing rhythm of New Mansoura City will orchestrate a live, work & play philosophy for its residents. As a key business hub for the Delta, young entrepreneurs will prosper personally and professionally while living by the captivating Mediterranean coast. With the iconic location, the city’s facilities and Zahya as a home, the balance could never go wrong.

Zahya New Mansoura Live, Work and Play

Find out more on our gallery page for Zahya New Mansoura; browse brochure, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

View of Zahya New Mansoura from the towers

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