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Zahya New Mansoura City Edge Development

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The Delta's New Capital New Mansoura

Complete Guide to Zahya New Mansoura

Zahya New Mansoura is the first property development to be launched in New Mansoura by City Edge Developments. Zahya New Mansoura offers a unique range of fully finished residential tower units, town houses, twin houses and standalone villas.

New Mansoura City is the Delta’s New Capital. It is part of the Dakahlia Governorate spanning over 7,000 acres. New Mansoura stretches along 15 kilometres on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt’s Delta and extends to a depth of 1.8 kilometres. The new city is only half an hour drive (50 km) from the original Mansoura City and is halfway between Baltim and Damietta. The Delta’s popular summer destination Gamasa is only 6 kilometres away.

When complete, New Mansoura City will include 158,000 residential units to house approximately 680,000 people. The new city features a touristic area, high-end housing, middle-income housing and social housing. Residential developments in New Mansoura are to be complemented by educational services including schools and a university, a medical centre and commercial areas. The development of New Mansoura City will take over 3 phases; the first phase will span over 2,063 acres with an estimated 53,000 residential units.

At least a thousand villas will be offered in the first phase of New Mansoura’s luxury housing district. These will include standalone villas, twin villas and town houses. The high end housing will also include 30 sea front towers; each composed of 33 floors (28 residential & 5 retail/offices). The residential towers in Zahya New Mansoura will include around 280 fully finished units each with 10 apartments on each floor.

New Mansoura City Master Plan

New Mansoura City Information

Construction Update in New Mansoura City

Zahya New Mansoura Master Plan

Zahya New Mansoura Master Plan
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