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Sarai New Cairo

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Sarai New Cairo is designed around pure luxury and contemporary living. This is married up with impressive facilities and a level of outdoor-living that surpasses anything that has gone before it.

Sarai New Cairo Front Cover

This development is everything you could want and more. Designed by Benoy and with input from local experts, this suburban development makes you feel as though you are miles from anywhere. Yet, the clever design puts you in touch with the city life, should you choose to go looking for it. The development itself comprises of elegant homes that have tailored interiors and a feeling of true Egyptian tradition.

Sarai New Cairo 3D perspective


Sarai is impressive in both design and size but its location should impress in equal measures. Perfectly located on the Cairo-Suez Road, this location puts Sarai at the heart of the future of suburban living.

Location of Sarai New Cairo on Cairo-Suez Road

Nearby New Cairo will provide residents with the chance to sample all that the city offers should they wish to step away from the tranquillity and serenity that comes with living in the Sarai development. Sarai was developed in a way that gives residents the chance to decide how they want to live. Two worlds will feel a million miles apart but suburban living is on the doorstep of city living yet the two worlds never cross paths.

Master Plan

Sarai, in many walks of life, means "My Princess" and there is no doubt that this development is designed to be as beautiful as one. The development stretches over 5.5 million m2 and with sweeping roads, beautifully manicured greenways and a lagoon that covers 50,000 m2 it has been built to impress.

Master Plan of Sarai New Cairo

Residents are provided ample outdoor space as well as areas to walk and explore. The focus of this development has been to create luxury homes that are encased and surrounded by the beauty of nature. A suitable selection of amenities are available to residents, enabling them to embrace a high-standard of living.

Cairo's biggest lagoon in Sarai New Cairo

Featured Homes

Sarai comes with a wide selection of exclusive homes. They offer choice, space, luxury and modern living giving residents the chance to aspire to a new way of living.

  • S Villa A 260 m2

  • S Villa B 295 m2

  • Apartments Buildings C1 - Ground Floor 1 165 sqm

  • Apartment Buildings C1 - Ground Floor 2 147 sqm

  • Apartments building C1 - Penthouse 2 240 sqm

  • Apartment Buildings C1 - Typical Floor 1 164 sqm

  • Apartment Buildings C1 - Typical Floor 2 182 sqm

  • Apartments building C1 - Penthouse 1 206 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Ground Floor 1 126 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Ground Floor 2 133 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Typical Floor 1 126 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Typical Floor 2 174 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Penthouse Floor 1 126 sqm

  • Apartments building C2 - Penthouse Floor 2 216 sqm

Sarai New Cairo featured homes


The stunning landscapes and meandering waterways offer the residents of Sarai, a unique style of outdoor living. It delivers a community that naturally brings people together through the potential recreational opportunities available to them.

Sarai New Cairo apartment buildings

Social Living

The smart design of the development brings people together in a way that encourages social living. The expansive grounds encourage people to become active and discover a new way of living. It inspires and creates a feel-good factor where residents can make use of football, basketball and tennis courts. A state-of-the-art gym enables residents to remain active and embrace the experience of living in an environment such as this.

Sarai New Cairo Landscape Design

Fine Dining and Exquisite Retail Opportunities

Spanish, French, Lebanese and Asian restaurants and cafes provide the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family. It offers a culinary experience that will tantalise taste buds and fulfil the desires of all food-lovers.

A new shopping experience will become available to residents where they can immerse themselves in the world of indulgent shopping or simply purchase their everyday items. A wide range of well-known brands, decadent bakeries and grocers and designer boutiques make this the place to shop.

Sarai New Cairo Luxury Homes

Business and Education

Varied office spaces and modern, stimulating working environments turn the Sarai business district into a world leader. It provides businesses with the opportunity to develop and grow while encouraging and inspiring others to seek new adventures.

Children will benefit from a first-class education that is enhanced by their surroundings. The study in the classroom is finely balanced with recreational activities to help enhance their learning experience. The education on offer at Sarai will inspire the next generation to become leaders and successful in their own right.

Sarai New Cairo Villas

Find out more on our gallery page for Sarai New Cairo; browse brochure, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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