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Alburouj by Capital Group Properties

Alburouj is located in El Shorouk City to the north-east of Cairo. The master planning of Alburouj was undertaken by Place Dynamix who created the designs, architectural concepts as well as managing the infrastructure and landscaping. Alburouj is a 1,200-acre development that will offer a high-level of residential living with approximately 30,000 residential units and world class amenities which include sports complexes, a culture hub, international schools and East Cairo’s first smart village.

Alburouj by Capital Group Properties

Why do developments become empty and uninhabited?

This is often the case because many developments are positioned in remote locations. This means that they have no soul or personality while they are often difficult to reach because of a lack of amenities, accessibility and transport. Commonly, another problem that leads to developments becoming ghost towns is the fact that many go beyond the agreed time schedule, resulting in a delay and delivering semi-finished units that give developments that empty look. These factors have been carefully considered in the planning of Alburouj in partnership with top international architect firms resulting in a perfectly integrated community. Alburouj is developed by Capital Group Properties (CGP) which is owned by Abu Dhabi Capital Group (ADCG) and Al Ain Properties, leading global developers with diversified investment portfolios and an extensive land bank of prime locations worldwide.

Alburouj in El Shorouk City, Egypt

Alburouj will be a hive of activity

The design of Alburouj incorporates the surrounding areas and that means that it will become the beating heart of a larger community. All products will be completed to a high standard, delivering a luxurious, polished look that will entice buyers to invest, giving the development life and soul. There is also infrastructure in place that provides residents with simple access, ensuring that this development never stands alone. It has been designed to encourage healthier living that brings people more in tune with their surroundings where they can embrace a new level of social living, underpinned by exceptional standards.

Alburouj Cairo Egypt


What makes Alburouj appeal to many is its perfect location. It provides luxurious living with a feeling of privacy through a gated community that fits in with the areas surrounding it. It incorporates the greater community and feeds off it without compromising on the standard of living that it promises residents. It is perfectly positioned to the east of Cairo and with an impressive infrastructure, everything residents could need is located nearby. It is located just 20 minutes from Heliopolis, 15 minutes from New Cairo and 15 minutes from Egypt’s New Capital. The development delivers an executive standard of living that sits proudly in the heart of the unobtrusive community.

Location of Alburouj in East Cairo


Alburouj has been created to harmoniously bring together a luxurious standard of living that incorporates an enhanced level of social living.

Orchard Park and Capital Health Clinics

The Orchard Park is the perfect place for families and individuals to embrace the outdoors, in a tranquil setting that is designed to invigorate and rejuvenate. The Orchard Park in Alburouj will be operated by Bustan Aquaponics Farm, which was founded in 2011 as the first of its kind in Egypt, specializing in desert farming solutions to help build environmentally sustainable communities. Alburouj has been designed with a healthier lifestyle in mind and this can be seen with the inclusion of Capital Health Clinics that provides residents with access to first-class medical care when required. It aims to provide a high standard of care that patients and families can rely on. Capital Health Clinics will be co-developed by Redcon Medical.

Alburouj Orchard Park

Work and Play – Smart Village East Cairo

Alburouj has been designed to give residents the opportunity to stay fit and healthy with an on-site sports club that provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. These facilities enable residents to immerse themselves into a healthier lifestyle. The Smart Village East in Alburouj is where architecturally pleasing offices make way for businesses to provide residents with access to jobs and a new and exciting way in which they can further their professional careers.

Alburouj Smart Village East

Shopping and Culture

Alburouj residents will benefit from high-end retail offerings that make it possible for them to enjoy and embrace the social aspect of being a resident on this development. A wide range of retailers will provide a first-class shopping experience that really gives the development an identity and character. In addition, culture has been injected into Alburouj. The cultural hub, which is operated by El Sawy Cultural Wheel, promises to be a meeting point for all the country's art and culture connoisseurs, after having entered the scene with an official on the 11th of October 2018 with a classic opening performance featuring the legendary Omar Khairat and with Ramzi Yassa as a guest of honour. It was nothing short of fabulous with a venue that takes up to 7.000 standing or 2.500 people seated. Alburouj residents will have access to all the live events and activities at their doorstep in El Sawy Cultural Wheel; workshops, seminars, art exhibitions and movie shows. This is the hub of the development, the place that brings people together to explore and learn.

Alburouj Cultural Hub

First-class education and space to explore

The prestigious Cadmus International School is located on site and provides an exceptional standard of learning for all students while being perfectly located in close proximity to at least 40 operational schools and universities that offer the best level of education in the country. The Cadmus International School in Alburouj will be managed by SABIS, which owns Al Choueifat Schools. The Edutainment parks allow the younger residents to explore, learn and take all that they can from the outdoors. These parks are designed to offer heightened excitement, allowing children to be themselves while learning as they play.

Alburouj Master plan with non-residential amenities numbered

This sprawling yet extremely well-designed development gives residents a high-end style of living that provides them with opportunities to work, play and grow. From the Orchard Park to the Cultural Hub and the Smart Village East, it incorporates all that residents and businesses expect from 21st-century living.

Alburouj residential homes exterior facades

Residents will have access to the highest level of living standards that can be seen in the smart, sleek, modernly designed properties. On offer in Alburouj are fully finished standalone villas, twin houses, town homes, duplex units and apartments. All homes are designed to accentuate space, offer spacious living areas and use the natural light to show off all that these stunning homes have to offer.

Find out more on our gallery page for Alburouj; browse brochure, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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