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IL Monte Galala: Unmatched Mountaintop Waterfront Homes

Sea views and beaches have always had a close link with what we think of getaways. Tatweer Misr is one of the real estate developers that is at the forefront of the redefinition of the local culture with the flagship project that is Il Monte Galala. This is an architectural gem designed by both Italian firm 5+1 AA and Tatweer Misr that will soon be a gift to Egypt located in the centre of the Galala mountain roughly around an hour’s drive away from Cairo.

the view at the top of Il Monte Galala

It draws its inspiration from Portofino, the star-studded perpetual destination which comes with its beautiful harbour, views of the sea and the mountains. Il Monte Galala is the perfect combination of the idyllic landscape of Sokhna and the views over the Red Sea Rivera. There is a total of 2.2m square metres of mountains soaked in magnificence here as well as a 1.3 km shoreline that laps around the destination. The sky lit mountains that look over Il Monte Galala were the inspiration for Tatweer Misr, indicating how natural simplicity and the sophistication of architecture can come together as one in perfect harmony. Il Monte Galala is the only place in Egypt where you will find clear turquoise lagoons located on the top of mountains providing the best in sea views whilst also retaining a consistent standard of sustainability.

3D master plan of Il Monte Galala

Mountains and natural simplicity aren’t typically linked with getaways but come as a sensible proposition for those wanting comfort out of a getaway rather than adventure with Il Monte Galala being both a haven and an escapade. For some, this could mean visiting the town at night to experience the nightlife or trying out the Italian delicacies that the local restaurants have to offer. Alternatively, the preferable activities for others may be that of adrenaline packed adventures such as rock climbing or glamping in the Middle East’s largest mountain park. If these activities aren’t for you and you just want to de-stress and get away from the chaos of everyday life, there is a wellness retreat you will be able to visit at one of the luxury hotels that are yet to open at Il Monte Galala.

Chalet apartments in Il Monte Galala

A chalet located within walking distance from the beach in combination with the best in real estate and geographical attributes have established the new concept of experience and proved this is a winning formula. If you feel like you’re always stuck in your corporate job, embellish yourself in this state of pure bliss for a couple of weeks. Different people may have different tastes but can still go through the ‘experience’; it isn’t solely about the beautiful places but the experience you go through whilst at these places. Each of these mountainous communities caters to different needs of the residents staying there.

property in Il Monte Galala Sokhna

This idyllic destination complete with its beautiful landscape provides a distinct and unrivalled culture that has been carved and shaped by architects. Amenities and entertainment options really do provide for an unforgettable experience. You are treated like royalty with personal assistance being available all day and night to you no matter what you might need. You also need not fret about keeping on top of any maintenance as this is done for you also. All you need to do is relax and ensure that you’re enjoying being at your new waterfront home.

mountain top property in Il Monte Galala

Activities that you can get involved in including rock climbing, zip lining, hiking and mountain biking. This makes for the perfect combination for those who like an adrenaline rush. However for those of you who prefer more peaceful and tranquil activities there are plenty of scenic and relaxing walks you can traverse.

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