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The VUES New Cairo in Bloomfields by Tatweer Misr

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The Vues is a the latest neighbourhood in Bloomfields brought to you by Tatweer Misr. Tailor your home to your needs and family efficiently. Pick from signature homes by renowned Mona Hussein Design House, fully finished luxurious apartments with breathtaking interiors, ranging from 1-bedroom up to 3-bedroom luxurious apartments. Click here to request brochure and floor plans for Zed East. Contact us directly for prices of available units.


Right out of a dream, the terraces units are centred around a green landscape, allowing all residents to share a 360 degrees view while maintaining elegance, luxury, and privacy for homeowners in a setting of a suburban neighbourhood.


The interconnected essence of Bloomfields waves through The Vues’ clusters. Residents get to experience a novel lifestyle of interconnected rooftop amenities and residences and live above and beyond in luxurious contemporary units.


The Downtown courtyards are in the heart of the urban bustle where residents get to experience a lifestyle of top-notch amenities of pools, gyms, and essential facilities such as pharmacies, clinics, and nurseries.


Just when you thought that the magnificent landscape and natural views surrounding you could not get any better, the effortless integration of glass facades complements the magnificent surroundings even more. The interplay between the simple, sheer, and reflective design of the glass facades complements the setting of the entire town, a unique vibrant eco-system. Within the heart of your home, internal courtyards paint a tapestry of splendour as a beating heart within your life. The interiors exude a space of serenity, and the designs are implemented perfectly within your own atrium to indulge you in a space of joy.

master plan for The Vues in Bloomfields

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