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AZHA AIN SOKHNA - The Complete Guide

AZHA Ain Sokhna is divided into different villages; each has its distinct design, but all complement one another in harmony. Every AZHA village enjoys access to the development’s full range of facilities, so no matter what style you prefer or which village you go for, you get to enjoy the crystal lagoons, the central park, the nightlife, retail outlets, kids’ areas, the barbecue corners, dining options and much more. All units in AZHA are delivered with A/C and kitchen cabinets included.

Azha Ain Sokhna

Having a very fast paced week where stress is becoming a normal part of life, people can no longer survive with one or two vacations a year. Second home buyers are rather looking for closer getaway destinations where they can resort to on a weekly basis. Witnessing this particular life style shift, Madaar Developments felt there is a great need to create a vacation home that is close by -distance wise- but is a real escape from the everyday routine. Thus, came the idea of AZHA, a fully integrated resort by the beautiful coast of Ain Sokhna; only one hour drive away from the capital. It is designed to have all the facilities you could dream of in a holiday home.

Azha Ain Sokhna


In AZHA, huge spaces are allocated for greenery. The entry park size is 11,000 sqm reflecting a tropical theme and creating an impeccable first impression as a first encounter upon entering AZHA. It shows the spacious nature of the project and adds to the overall serene experience. The park includes F&B, water activities, picnic area, play areas for toddlers and the BBQ corners.

EntryPark at Azha Ain Sokhna

At the heart of AZHA Ain Sokhna, comes the Central Park. Given that AZHA is adopting an environment friendly nature for the entire project, Madaar have chosen plants with high salt tolerance to preserve precious drinking water. The selections of plants will keep AZHA in the best shape all year long.

The community centre is the hub for residents of nearby villages to gather and socialize. It will include F&B, sports and gym facilities, swimming pool and access to the crystal lagoons. The centre will also accommodate small-scale events, which can take your vacation to another level allowing you to enjoy the place even further and share your special moments there.


Downtown AZHA is set to provide endless entertainment options. Downtown AZHA will be a fashion and lifestyle destination offering a carefully selected list of options of retail shops, restaurants and entertainment spots in the region of Ain Sokhna. It shall come as the perfect day-out destination where friends and family can spend the entire day shopping, dining, watching shows and chilling. Not to forget the nightlife which is expected to be fuelled with action and amusement seven days a week all year long.

Facilities in Azha Ain Sokhna


Set to open its doors in 2019, the clubhouse will act as the main gathering hub for AZHA’s home owners and guests. It is designed to be the main gateway to AZHA’s beachfront. AZHA owners along with their friends will enjoy all the amenities of the clubhouses, food, drinks and other beach activities.

The clubhouse in Azha

Club M is one of the most prominent nightlife spots in the North Coast which is why Madaar have brought it to AZHA in Ain Sokhna. It is already open and fully operational, managed by GnK hospitality.

The premium restaurant, bar and club is designed to offer a state-of-the-art venue by being located directly on the beach with a panoramic view of the sea. The place acts as a real culinary experience with a magical view that makes it a destination not to miss and provide a premium nightlife option to AZHA’s residents. Club M not only enjoys exquisite architecture details but also has the most qualified chefs to complement the overall culinary experience by providing the best dishes. You get to indulge among options of Mediterranean cuisine, or Cocktail drinks with enchanting sounds of night entertainment.

Club M will bring an entirely new hanging out experience in Ain Sokhna given the lack of premium destinations where one can socialize, enjoy entertainment and delicious food prepared by top notch chefs. The place will offer even more facilities to its members with the impeccable beach view. Club M is expected to upgrade the AZHA weekend vacation to the next level.


One of the most exciting amenities is the Crystal Lagoons for AZHA Ain Sokhna; an amenity with high technology providing an impeccable lifestyle experience few minutes away from the sea. The Crystal Lagoon is an ideal choice for our residents to guarantee a stress-free life.

Crystal Lagoons in Azha Ain Sokhna

The entire project is built around Crystal Lagoons so no matter which village you are in, the Crystal Lagoons is the core element of AZHA. The Crystal Lagoons are built on a space of 230,000 meters and will guarantee that going to Sokhna is the most amusing experience ever. It will be filled with water from wells and agreed to have the water quality up to the California recreational water standards.

Crystal lagoons are constructed in a way to make it very efficient and more environment friendly. The technology adopted uses up to 100 times less chemicals than conventional swimming pools or drinking water treatment technologies. It also uses water more efficiently; lagoons use 30 times less water than a golf course and 50% less water that is required by a park of the same size. They just consume 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool systems.Considerable investments have been made to ensure the running cost of the lagoons is negligible compared to its size.


Tucana village, the first village of phase II at AZHA, is designed to be one of the most captivating spots in Ain Sokhna. Tucana features twin houses, townhouses and villas, all of which have direct access to the Crystal Lagoons and private beach spots. The way the village is designed provides residents the ultimate privacy and convenience. Having the crystal lagoons just few steps away from your residential unit and the sea approximately 400 meters away from the village, Tucana offers you an all year long getaway destination with an impeccable lifestyle experience.

Tucana Village in Azha Ain Sokhna

All units in Tucana are delivered finished, with air conditioners and kitchens installed. The village outer interface celebrates modern sleek designs where elegance cross paths with function. Designs include organic materials, natural wood and stone, along with atmospheric lighting, which evokes beauty all around.

Unit areas vary between 150 m2 and 280 m2. Owning a unit at Tucana means owning an experience with endless facilities and access to all services and amenities. Starting by comfort of your own spacious beach house to having premium beach clubhouse and a not-to-miss nightlife you get to live your vacation at its fullest. Tucana is the one destination where beauty meets function.

Villas in Azha Ain Sokhna


Pavo village is another state-of-the-art village in AZHA. This village is a contemporary development of spacious apartments. Everything about the building has been carefully considered to work in harmony with the surrounding waterscapes. The waterscapes’ setting is integral throughout the development, from the pleasing walkway at the front entrance, to the crystal lagoons waters. As mentioned earlier all villages enjoy the same facilities and have access to all the merits of owning in AZHA project having the crystal lagoons as the core facility of the entire project.

Pavo Village in Azha Ain Sokhna


In AZHA all homes are delivered fully finished to the highest standards, including AC units and kitchens. The way units are designed, and the quality of the finishing, will guarantee you own a home that you can use all year long. It is not about owning a holiday home; it is about having an all year-long destination home that offers a real getaway from everyday life.

Interior Finishing in Azha Ain Sokhna

View construction updates below.

Find out more on our gallery page for Azha Ain Sokhna; download brochure, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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