AZHA aims to provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle that can be found nowhere else in Ain Sokhna, where they can explore the freedom of their surroundings and embrace the wonderful homes on offer. AZHA Ain Sokhna provides residents with a place that they can call home and a place that enables them to live life to its fullest while being surrounded by outstanding beauty and sensational architecture.

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Located in the Sokhna coastal area, AZHA offers first-class facilities and amenities, dining and retail options set in a perfect location on the Red Sea. Residents here can embrace all that they have around them from the sea to the land and everything else in between. AZHA aims to capture the imagination and that begins with the perfect location.

The master plan of AZHA incorporates clever designs, unique architecture and a seamless beauty that provides residents with a different way of life. The aim was to deliver a resort where residents can instantly feel at home, where they can create a lifestyle that suits them, instead of having to focus on their daily routine.

The development is awash with amenities and facilities and at the heart of the development is the Central Park. Adorned with stunning, vibrant plants that inject colour and aroma, everything has been carefully thought of, ensuring the lush landscape is always easy on the eye. 

The community centre will become the beating heart of the resort, where residents of AZHA’s villages can meet and socialise with sports and gym facilities that will encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Downtown AZHA is the place where residents can gain access to entertainment options, enabling them to make the most of their time with family and loved ones.

The AZHA Clubhouse is the main focus of the development, becoming the hub where residents can meet each other and their guests while embracing the food and drink as well as the activities available at the beach.

Club M comes alive, making it one of the more enjoyable nightlife spots on the coast. The premium restaurant and bar are plush and modern, serving guests with culinary delights, views of the sea and a nightlife that makes it the highlight of AZHA.

The Crystal Lagoons are the real shining light of the development. The vibrant colours, spread over a space of 230,000 meters, revolutionise the way in which the development is perceived. As magical as it is captivating, the Crystal Lagoons have changed the way in which residents live their lives. They are available for AZHA Ain Sokhna residents to enjoy, enhancing a stress-free take on life, where the whole project has been focused around these alluring Crystal Lagoons, proving that they sit at the very heart of the development.

The Tucana Village provides guests with instant access to the Crystal Lagoons and the private beach. The development gives residents a high level of privacy whereby all units are uniquely designed to create unique living spaces. Fully equipped with sleek designs and a modern, contemporary touch, the village is designed to allow residents to breathe in their surroundings.

Pavo Village is yet another work of art in AZHA, bringing together slick architecture and clever designs that ensure these spacious apartments provide residents with all that they need. The surrounding waterscapes form the backbone of the development, where the design seamlessly merges with the beauty that surrounds it. The village benefits from a standard of living like no other, where all units have been tastefully designed with opulent features and a touch of luxury that delivers a way of life that is to be embraced. From the Crystal Lagoons to walkways and a wide range of facilities, Pavo Village ticks every box.

What sets AZHA apart is the standard in which all units have been finished in a way where all details have been taken care of, no matter how big or small they might be. From the highest quality fittings and furnishings to large windows that invite light to burst into the rooms, allowing residents to see the beautiful landscape unfold in front of them. Residents can own a piece of art almost because all have been designed with class and style in mind, turning each unit into a home that residents can call their own.

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