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ZED Sheikh Zayed

Ora Developments presents ZED Towers in a prime location in El Sheikh Zayed City. Every space at ZED is a vantage point to spectacular views immersed in immaculately landscaped greenery. 165 feddans of walkable, mixed-use beauty with every detail designed to perfection and world class finishing.

ZED El Sheikh Zayed landscape

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Life in ZED El Sheikh Zayed

In Zed El Sheikh Zayed, there’s always something to bring you Joy. ZED is the latest in a series of luxury lifestyle destinations by Ora Developments around the world. It is an entire destination created exclusively to be the first step in your own journey towards Happiness.

Location of ZED in El Sheikh Zayed

Located in the heart of El Sheikh Zayed City in West Cairo and overlooking its central park, ZED benefits from excellent accessibility from the Al-Nozha Rd and is in close proximity to 26th of July Corridor and Alex Desert Rd.

Master Plan of ZED El Sheikh Zayed

The project takes its Que from the expansive park at its core extending it out through the entire development in a series of interconnected courtyards giving all residents access to generous and private landscaped open spaces. Mixed-use, retail and entertainment uses have been interwoven into the master plan elevating it from a residential suburb to a modern urban quarter.

Parkside living in ZED El Sheikh Zayed

The concept of Parkside living is carried through the entire development in a series of generous interconnected green spaces providing all residents with access to landscape gardens. The 60m high Y-shaped towers highlight the centre of the master plan and celebrate their relationship with Zayed’s Central Park in a sweep along its bounding edge.

El Sheikh Zayed Central Park

The newly completed Zayed Central Park provides a substantial open space amenity to all residents and visitors of the development.

Park Towers in ZED Sheikh Zayed

The Boulevard retail is arranged as a series of pavilions that twist and flow along the length of the site from the Eastern boundary to the park.

Business in ZED Sheikh Zayed

ZED offers an unconventional twist on commercial office spaces that will be a home to a wide array of major corporations and start-ups with an equally ideal setting which permits great businesses to flourish amidst a motivating environment.

Interior finishing in ZED Sheikh Zayed

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Location of ZED Sheikh Zayed on Google Maps

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