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Park Lane Compound by El Attal Holding


A gated residential compound brings together homes which share the same utilities, and surroundings. “Compoundhood” is a signature concept conceived as a forward-thinking development and built to ensure long-lasting value. A unique crossover between the classical notion of a compound seamlessly blended with familial inclination of a neighbourhood. A compoundhood is an integrative perception that goes beyond creating a laid-back, relaxed and intimate community; to further entice its residents with a lively, vibrant and entertaining retail district. Through its flagship development, Park Lane New Capital, El Attal Holding injects culture in the daily lives and surroundings of residents, bringing the vibes of a real town to life, yet remaining true to the concept of a gated community.

Park Lane New Capital Compoundhood Concept


Park Lane is situated on a prime land plot in Egypt’s New Capital seventh residential district (R7), sprawling over 26 acres (D2). It is strategically placed within an upscale district, providing easy access to acclaimed establishments, such as the Swedish University, Government Offices, Financial and Business District as well as the New Capital’s Diplomatic District. It is also a short drive away from Almasa Hotel, the Grand Cathedral and the Opera House.

Location of Park Lane in R7


Park Lane was masterfully planned out with social synergy in mind. A concept revolving around maintaining life’s balance, a three-part segmentation eases the energy flow of homeowners from the public surroundings, across their everyday routines and habit and all the way to their need for privacy. The site planning and architectural base draw upon the concept of mixed-use living, where an interconnected language speaks of everyday life and conveniences.

Master Plan for Park Lane New Capital

At Park Lane New Capital, everything has been thought of - and nothing is overlooked, from the landscape and colour palettes, to the well-being of families. Residents will crave the cosmopolitan community Park Lane has to offer. Being part of Park Lane’s community directly entails a strong and unmistakable sense of belonging.

Bird's eyeview of Park Lane New Capital


The architectural concept behind the homes at Park Lane celebrates the modern flair while instilling a flavour of authenticity. Neighbourhoods have a mix of building types from residences to commercial spaces and facilities, all at the same address. Cascading and intertwined private terraces over flexible retail space and dining venues, driving home a human scale and sense of a true mixed-use development and community.

Architectural design of Park Lane


Nestled between pocket parks and green corridors with shade trees, native plantings and tranquil lighting, homes at Park Lane are spoilt with unparalleled serene surroundings that cleverly link all the neighbourhoods together. Access gates are dispersed along the sides of the project, while the all-pedestrian stream runs like a spine down the mid-section, allowing for the core to be bountiful with greenery, pathways and shaded areas.

Landscape design of Park Lane New Capital


At the frontier of Park Lane, where the façade meets the main public road, a welcoming first impression lingers. The contemporary design mixed with the warmth of the earthy building tones reflect the affluent lifestyle of the surrounding neighbourhood. Everything here emanates a dynamic, modern lifestyle. A luxurious retail area spreading along the bottom floors of the strip, was designed to create visual harmony, elegance and simplicity. Here’s where families take leisurely walks down cobble-stoned pathways heading towards shops, boutiques, and cafes lining its main road.

The town avenue in Park Lane New Capital


Running along the middle of Park Lane, the completely pedestrianised central plaza is an open space dotted with greens, an environment that encourages tenants to breathe free, socialise, and relax anytime of the day. Great emphasis has been placed on both walk-ability and convenience: the cobblestone pathways, intertwine with the manicured flower beds, beautiful foliage plants, and water features, blends into striking patterns and attractive designs. Designed to be the heart and soul of the entire development, here is where the sophisticated sense meets laid-back desires. Taking a targeted approach to attracting local residents and families, the retail mix spans from fashion and accessory designers to convenient stores, coffee houses and restaurants, meeting the need and taste of the refined shopper and satisfying the soul of the socialite.

The piazza design in Park Lane New Capital


In an interplay of fascination and grace, the buildings of Park Lane New Capital create an amalgamation of different home types – from penthouses and duplexes to apartments. No matter what one opts for, they all come with a view whether be it from porches with manicured gardens, or large rooftop terraces and balconies.

Exterior renders of buildings in Park Lane New Capital


Right at the top, on the 7th floor and roof of the buildings lie an avant-garde category of penthouses aesthetically accentuating the skyline of the project. Tastefully designed with open reception areas, spacious rooms and tall windows perfectly caters to the love for breath-taking views and extended outdoor living.

penthouse design in Park Lane New Capital


Inviting, spacious and cosy apartments, enjoy verandas which open up the sense of indoor-outdoor dynamism. Architecturally placing the balconies round the corners allows for uninterrupted views and sheer privacy, with absolutely no exposure to neighbours. Homeowners can experience a fluidity in design, and a sense of openness that adds refreshment to their daily life.

apartment terraces in Park Lane New Capital


A characteristic architectural addition that serves aesthetically to reinforce the skyscape of Park Lane, also serves functionally to reinforce the close-knit connection within the community. Adding to the mobility and dynamics of everyday lifestyle, the flying bridges conveniently interconnect the buildings at the fourth floor, creating a distinctive landmark. Solely reserving amenities such as, a family zone, reading corners, fitness centre and spa on the upper levels gives off a sense of exclusivity to Park Lane homeowners.

Connecting bridges in Park Lane New Capital


Contemporary yet chic, the design of the Airy Duplexes creates a sense of suspension to the units, like it’s captured in mid-air. A double height ceiling profile for the duplexes allow homeowners to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings and qualify for its exclusive name the Airy-Duplex. Taking up the 5th and 6th floors of the building, the duplexes come with recessed terrace gardens, making them ideal for everything from outdoor BBQ and socialising patios, to personal quiet spots.

Duplex design in Park Lane New Capital


With the chance to live comfortably and conveniently, and to pursue every hobby a person might have, people across all preferences from the socially-loving, the family-oriented to the fitness-geared are truly able to be enriched in Park Lane New Capital.


Exclusively catering to Park Lane residents, the boutique cinema brings entertainment right around the corner. Catch an early morning animation with the kids, or a late-night movie with friends with sheer convenience.


Because exercise and wellness are becoming a must in the rituals of the modern day, Park Lane residents can easily establish their fitness and meditation routine. With a fully-equipped gym and an impressive wellness centre within a walking distance from home, it becomes much easier to fit a healthy hour within the daily busy schedules.


The reading room for those with a laid-back sense, or wish to have relaxing afternoons, nothing beats a book and a cup of coffee. The skyline lounge sets another dimension of sociability and sophistication adding a unique experience for all. The shared study room sets the mood for some work to get done privately with the kids.


Every service is available within the community and its pedestrianised plaza; from hair salons, to kindergartens and laundromats, to coffee houses, libraries and kids’ playgrounds.


Tick off the to-do list at the retail shops, laundromat, grocery and bakery stores within the gates of Park Lane.


And with all these errands out of the way, stopping for a warm cup of rich coffee alone, or with some friends, overlooking Park Lane’s Stream Piazza is a perfect break away from the everyday routine.


Necessities such as a convenient pharmacy will keep everyone’s worries away and cater to cosmetic and medical needs. With a nearby pet store and library in sight, every family member will be kept happy and satisfied.

building entrances in Park Lane New capital

Find out more on our gallery page for Park Lane New Capital; download brochure and floor plans.

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