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Azadir New Cairo

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Azadir is New Cairo’s latest upscale living community promising exquisite living experiences in a truly green environment that promotes sustainability and well-being.

Azadir is all about modern fine-living in a healthy, safe and serene environment. At Azadir, every little detail has been planned out to present a supreme living experience in an all-green community.

Azadir New Cairo


First came the desert land, where more than one thousand Neem Trees were planted, turning the wilderness into a green oasis. Next, a green community was planned within this green oasis; one that is home to those looking for a hale and hearty living experience.

The Neem Tree, also known as Azadirachta Indica, is one of the most distinguished and celebrated plants across the world. With its beautiful and spread out leaves, the neem has an unrivalled contribution to human well-being. This year-round, magical green tree is claimed to cure forty diseases in some parts of the world.

Landscape in Azadir New Cairo

Azadir, home of this magical tree, is a green community that introduces new living experiences for those looking for a new home in a healthy environment. To accentuate this green living experience, the entire community is elevated and road-less, except for an internal ring road that runs around the development.


In the new heart of New Cairo, Azadir is conveniently located near the Middle Ring Road and South 90 Street, only a few minutes from the American University in Cairo, Point 90, and New Cairo’s greatest attractions.

Location of Azadir New Cairo


Azadir was master planned by Azure, an international architecture & master planning firm, renowned for several iconic projects and commitment to design excellence and innovation. Blending the heritage of the past with modernity and practicality, resulting in a beautiful magnum opus that distinctively stands out. The sleek, contemporary designs are infused with oriental motifs and woodwork that accentuate the beauty of Azadir.

Master plan of Azadir New Cairo


Azadir presents new standards of green living, from the inside out. The entire development was adeptly designed as a green oasis that infuses nature’s finest elements across the cosy, homely and family-friendly community of Azadir.


More than 81% of the development is dedicated to vast green spaces and colourful flora, with lovely trails and walkways swaying in between. The spacious landscape is mostly road-less, making it a safe and secure community for kids to play.

The buildings and public areas in this green oasis use an assortment of nature’s best and most viable elements, complementing the surrounding lush landscapes in this mostly desert neighbourhood, with a rich assortment of flora and fauna.


Azadir’s smart homes are green at the core and developed for the future, with everything connected through an underground road network. The homes can be enriched with sustainable and hi-tech amenities that fulfil the needs of modern-day living and smart security systems.


Every home in Azadir offers scenic views of sweeping, green landscapes. All the buildings and community areas are enclosed within road-less green spaces and walking pathways. An internal ring road runs around the community, connected to an underground network of parking areas beneath each building, which guarantees a safe environment for kids to play outside.

Landscape in Azadir New Cairo

The Private Lounge in every building offers a convenient and nearby retreat, where residents can hang out with their neighbours and visiting friends. Promoting modern and minimal living, every unit at Azadir comes with an allocated underground parking space and an optional maid‘s room and storage room.

Every unit features large windows and spacious terraces that offer scenic views of the community’s green spaces and bring in natural daylight and fresh air. Moreover, the limited and exquisite penthouses come with shaded rooftop terraces that are perfect for family get-togethers and social gatherings.

Exterior building design in Azadir New Cairo

With today’s stressful and noxious environs, everyone is looking for an escape in a safe and stress-free environment. Azadir is a pollution- and noise-free neighbourhood. The vast green spaces are infused with pathways that are perfect for a morning run or evening walk. Azadir also features an outdoor gym for an entirely fresh workout experience surrounded by the rich flora and fauna.


Azadir offers an environmentally-friendly community with global sustainability standards. Solar panels are used throughout the development to power street lights, and a water treatment station is set up to reuse water for irrigation.

There’s nothing that hasn’t been considered at Azadir, that’s why every little detail that may have an impact on homeowners has been studied. The elements and materials used in construction and finishing works are nontoxic and eco-friendly, all of which are health- and environmentally-safe.

Exterior building design in Azadir New Cairo


The sleek, contemporary architectural designs are infused with oriental motifs and woodwork that accentuate the beauty of each standing structure.

The internal designs of the buildings are extravagant and chic, with exquisite entrances and double-height foyers. The parking level in each building also features a grand lobby with smart access to the ultramodern elevators and staircases. Each building also has its own private entrance from the garden.

Grand lobby in Azadir New Cairo


The Clubhouse

Azadir's clubhouse is the perfect venue where family and friends come together. Located on the western side of the development, the clubhouse with its distinctive architecture style is enclosed within lush greenery. It features a family – friendly swimming pool, that offers service and activities for all age groups. Serviced indoor and outdoor spaces are also present, that are perfect for social get-togethers and celebrations.

Clubhouse in Azadir New Cairo

The Restaurant

With U Bistro & Bar at the helm, the restaurant area offers a unique Mediterranean inspired fine dining experience and a variety of innovative cocktails. Enjoy exquisite meals and world-class servicing with family and friends, within a cosy area over-looking scenic views.

The Pool Bar

The Pool Bar area offers an oasis, where homeowners can relax on a lounge chair and sip exotic drinks while basking in the sun. With the most talented team of bartenders and an extravagant menu, by Amici, homeowners are guaranteed a lush experience with mouth-watering menus, unforgettable cocktails, and the most talented staff around!

Commercial Complex

Situated near the clubhouse, Azadir’s commercial complex provides an array of retail shops that cater to every homeowner’s needs while securing the privacy of homeowners through a separate entrance. The commercial complex conveniently incorporates a supermarket, pharmacy and a food court.

The Plateau

Azadir offers something for every member of the family, including millennials who are constantly looking for an appealing place to hang out. Azadir’s Plateau is just the perfect spot for homeowners to hang out during the weekdays. Moreover, the Plateau features frequent shows and performances by local and regional artists on weekends and national holidays.

Picnic & BBQ Areas

When family and friends get together on the weekend, the best idea is to eat al fresco in the pleasant outdoors. Azadir embraces numerous picnic zones, shaded benches and designated BBQ areas in the heart of bountiful and boundless greenery.

Find out more on our gallery page for Azadir; browse brochures, floor plans, prices, payments plans and more.

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