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The Quayside Neighbourhood in Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira is the nautical city of the Mediterranean, where the nautical language is spoken at all touch - points, starting from its visual identity to its visual system and brand architecture, till its neighbourhood naming and way finding signage.

The Quayside Neighbourhood 3D master plan

The Quayside is another word for Port, the central axis and the most pivotal spot of any coastal city. This Neighbourhood was named The Quayside because it is sustained by the Linear park and Community Center, where everything is situated from the Spa & yoga areas, the Boutique Hotel, Dogs park and all sorts of lanes.

The Quayside Neighbourhood is a low density phase of 20% footprint and the other 80% are open spaces. It accommodates highly efficient, fully-finished units with maximum utilization of space, that vary from 2 beds Apartments with exclusive swimming pool rooftops, to Stand Alone Villas, Twin Houses, Attached Villas and Park Chalets, mostly overlooking green areas, parks and swimming pools.

The Quayside Neighbourhood location within Jefaira's master plan


At the Linear Park, residents will be offered the luxury of the park amenities, such as a river deck, event lawn, fitness station, skateboard area, dogs park, yoga lawn, and zen and art gardens.

The Linear Park Master Plan inside The Quayside Neighborhood


The Quayside Neighbourhood’s Community Center will contain several amenities such as an entry function plaza, swimming pool, play area, skateboard park, event lawn, restaurants and outdoor dining, clinic and pharmacy, laundry, day care, mini market, and a beauty salon.



  • Entry & Function Plaza

  • Swimming Pool

  • Play Area

  • Skateboard Park

  • Event Lawn

  • Restaurant Outdoor Dining

  • Clinic & Pharmacy

  • Laundry

  • Day care

  • Mini Market

  • Beauty Salon

The Community Centre at The Quayside Neighbourhood


  • Total The Quayside Neighbourhood area: 250,022m2

  • Total softscape (parkland): 73,764m2 (29.5%)

  • Total hardscape: 43,499m2 (17.4%)

  • Total residential plot area: 132,759m2 (53.1%)

  • Building footprint: 50,170m2 (20.1%)

The Quayside master plan with unit types



There are only 30 villas in The Quayside Neighbourhood; each is on a 375 sqm land plot. The villa includes a 238 sqm building, which hosts 3 beds, and a nanny and driver’s room.


In The Quayside Neighbourhood, there are 222 spacious twin houses. The built-up area of each unit is 166 sqm and the land area is 225 sqm. The Quayside’s twin houses come with the option of owning a multi-purpose roof with an average built-up area of 40 metres. The space encompasses 3 beds, along with a nanny and driver’s room.


there are 184 attached villas, spread over 46 attached buildings. Each villa has 138 sqm – 158 sqm of built-up area, with terraces that vary from 22 sqm – 30 sqm and gardens that vary from 49 sqm – 120 sqm. The space encompasses 3 beds.


The Quayside Neighbourhood houses 60 Park Chalet A units that are either at ground floor level or first floor level. The chalet is approximately 151 sqm to 214 sqm with a garden that covers 180 sqm or terraces of 134 sqm. Each unit can host 3-4 beds.


The Quayside Neighbourhood contains 80 Park Chalet B units that are either at ground floor level or first floor level. The chalet is approximately 121 sqm to 125 sqm with a garden that covers 115 sqm or terraces of 4 sqm. Each unit can host 2 beds.


In the Quayside Neighbourhood, there are 9 apartment buildings that range between two and three-bedroom apartments, with an average area of 101 sqm to 153 sqm.

Ground Floor Units

First Floor Units

Roof Units

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From the earliest Phoenician and Greek cultures, over two thousand years ago, the Mediterranean Sea was essential for maintaining ties between the people living around the sea. The language used from these early times became spread with nautical terms. The nautical terms became the one universal language understood by different cultures.

Jefaira being located on the Mediterranean, has decided to add to, honour and speak the same language understood by the sea and its people, using its authentic nautical alphabet that is derived from the original nautical language. Visualise a Mediterranean escape that you would never have to leave, a blissful getaway that can become a lifestyle, a home.

Jefaira is stretched over 5.5 million square metres that overlook the enigmatic shores of the Mediterranean on the Egyptian North Coast. Every unit within Jefaira will have access to the Aeolian salty sea breeze driving between the wide causeways leading to the promenade and marina where eyes will meet the endless deep azure of 3.6 km of the enchanting Mediterranean coast.

Days in Jefaira can be spent walking placidly along its shores, or invested in a myriad of water activities. Residences in Jefaira are inspired by the Mediterranean islands’ architecture, that aim to merge visual aesthetics with their natural surroundings.

Winding promenades will lace between cool and neutral coloured units and their neat design will provide the privacy that all residents crave.

Living in this Elysian escapade permanently is a reality in Jefaira, as the premises provides educational services, institutes, specialised medical services and medical clinics, community enrichment facilities, and business facilities such as convention centres.

The word Jefaira refers to the name given to the actual area where the project is located. It originates from the Arabic ‘Jafr’ which means an open fresh water well that refers to the pure and pristine Mediterranean waters.



Jefaira is fashioned to foster a distinctive community that is bold, vibrant, and driven by challenging the conventional lifestyle of the city. A community that aims to maximise their experience with their families within a safe and secure environment in a town with facilities that are unmatched in the region and scenery that cannot be met in the city.

Strategically located on the breath-taking Mediterranean North Coast, and equipped with a variety of services and amenities, Jefaira provides an upscale locale to stay in all-year round.



Jefaira’s location is midst a sought after venue on the Mediterranean coast. The project is strategically 30 minutes away from Al Alamein International Airport and a two-hour drive away from the city of Alexandria, making it quickly accessible for motorists on all major roads and for international travellers. These proximities make it easy for all visiting Jefaira, whether for work or play, to quickly acclimatise to the best that the North Coast can offer. Jefaira’s position on the Mediterranean coast provides a laid-back experience that focuses on cultivating the best quality of life by providing all your everyday needs in parallel with immaculate surroundings. Jefaira offers more than an easily accessible idyllic escape, it is the ideal life.



Jefaira is situated on the mesmerising Mediterranean coast. Stretched over 5.5 million sqm, 75% of Jefaira is composed of greenery and open space to ensure that there is enough expanse for all residents to enjoy. The four major parks within Jefaira act as lungs for the entire project, providing every resident with ample green vistas and engaging facilities embedded within the parks. For students, the Educational Park is available for all scholarly investigations; the Recreational Park is the venue for thrilling activities; for the more athletic, the Sports Park provides a suitable expanse to challenge their routine; meanwhile, the Promenade Linkage Park offers an opportunity for families to work out on serene jogging trails, bike paths, alongside nearby playgrounds for the little ones. The hub of Jefaira’s elegantly designed homes is the downtown area where the majority of the food and beverage outlets will be offered. The commercial, educational, and medical areas will be located at the heart of the project, which provides easy access from the external road that leads to Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh. Jefaira provides private residences ranging from exclusive family villas, twin houses, breezy chalets, spacious two and three-bedroom condos and cabins. In Jefaira, there are control points throughout the project to ensure privacy and security between the commercial and residential areas.



Jefaira’s stretch of a 3.6km golden coastline is the centre of several entertainment, leisure, and sports activities. Apart from kite surfing, beach volleyball, and windsurfing, residents have the opportunity to gather with their community on the infinity pool that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea for a refreshing swim or to lounge and tan.

Keeping the little ones busy has never been easier, as there are several beach activities tailored for children to keep them active and give parents a chance to relax to a book provided by the beach library, all by the shimmering waters of the sea. Jefaira’s coastline includes 5 distinctive beach types: Beach Park, Marina, Terrace Park, Beach Garden, and Villa Panorama Park.



Jefaira has two promenades that stretch over the width of the project making it a focal point for all residents to savour. The Waterfront Promenade covers the entire 3.6km of buttery beach that frames the Mediterranean Sea. Restaurants, beach bars, shops, and several landscaped areas are designed into the promenade to inspire as much as to entertain. Moreover, other than ensuring privacy, the design of the promenade ensures that all residents enjoy a panoramic and uninterrupted view of the sea as they lounge at the beach spa, the sea swings or on the shaded benches. The large Garden Promenade is a lush, expansive central park that provides a range of activities for Jefaira’s community: a leisure lake park for relaxing with a book while the young ones enjoy their latest adventures, the recreational river parks for the more dynamic Jefarians, the education park for students who need a location to work and be inspired, and the sports park for the active enthusiasts in Jefaira.



Jefaira’s state-of-the-art marina is designed to dock vessels of several sizes and capacities to provide its residents with easy access to the premises. A feast for the eyes in the sunshine, at sundown the marina turns into a hub of activity for all, as the various restaurants offer sumptuous meals alongside the reflection of the night lights on the still waters.



In Jefaira, Downtown is at the epicentre of all activities. It hosts shops, a boutique hotel, serviced apartments, educational activities, retail, residential allies with Mediterranean experience, Food and beverages and bars all cascaded with stretches of greenery.



Jefaira’s clubhouses are beautifully situated in the project along the beach line to ensure that it has breath-taking vistas throughout. With elements of cliffs, sandy beaches and palm trees, the clubhouses guarantee moments of seclusion and serenity alongside moments of energy. With swimming pools, playgrounds, sandy beaches and barbecue areas the clubhouses’ facilities provide entertainment for all.



No structure - human or man-made - can truly function without a foundation, a spine. Jefaira's central green spine hosts six unique parks that are guaranteed to meet residents' expectations and beyond. The Recreational River Park is the first of its kind; for the young, and the young at heart alike, it has playgrounds for children, water sports facilities, and outdoor fitness areas. The Educational Park encompasses a one-of-a-kind agricultural garden, recuperating and recycling garden, and a solar system garden - amongst others; it's the perfect environment not only for pupils, but also for the curious and environmentally aware adults. A haven for the athletes that will not take summer as an excuse to rest, the Sports Park has sports fields, an active sport area, and a green amphitheatre for those who thrive on their competitive streak. The Promenade Linkage Park, a very close and very green rival to the Sport’s Park, provides fitness buffs with jogging trails, bike paths, and accommodates children with associate playground areas. With all these options offered in Jefaira, you’re bound to find an activity to engage in and to enjoy yourself thoroughly while doing it.



Jefaira is unlike other developments as it provides international standard educational services to its residents. A range of educational institutions will furnish an array of opportunities for the upcoming generation to maximize from. Jefaira will also offer summer camps for residents and visitors to enjoy its facilities and be inspired by its surroundings.



In Jefaira, residents have the opportunity to improve their health and establish a well-being routine for themselves through the fully equipped sports’ academy. This facility is decked with cutting-edge gym equipment and several sports courts fit for leisurely and competitive purposes such as tennis, squash, and football courts as well as an outdoor and indoor pool.

Furthermore, the sports club provides the perfect venue for sports’ camps to take place, where there can be a range of outdoor activities to be organised and several spots in the project to be utilised. Looking for a more relaxing experience, a wellness spa is available for residents to visit when they are looking for an opportunity to wind down after a fun-thrilled day.



In Jefaira, residents will be offered quality medical services in the region. A variety of medical facilities will be available to cater to any medical needs. Additionally, Jefaira will be home to a wellness centre in a venue with relaxing vistas.



Jefaira provides more than just residential homes, it offers hotel services for visitors. With over a 5.5 million metres squared of expansive land, hotels can establish themselves without disrupting the daily activities of Jefaira’s residents.



The fresh air, the services and safety of the various community areas make it an ideal location for all activities and needs. Every two neighbourhoods in Jefaira will have their own private community area which will be used for leisure and recreational uses. Amenities such as swimming pools, kid’s playgrounds, barbecue areas, outdoor fitness areas will all be connected with paths along with water features and green planting to serve both neighbourhoods.



Jefaira’s design is inspired by its surroundings: bountiful beaches, a serene sea, and a jagged coast that juts into the Mediterranean. The architecture of the project captures the essence of the surroundings by providing homes and buildings throughout 10 neighbourhoods all of which blend in with the natural terrain and are influenced by the colours of the landscape. Homes are designed with ergonomic lines providing a place of privacy along with serenity. Tastefully lit shops and promenades furnish attractive venues for Jefaira’s residents to enjoy.


Inertia is a leading Egyptian real estate company that develops distinctive, valuable, and dynamic projects in different parts of Egypt. From our inception in 2007, Inertia has been thriving; we are renowned for projects that cater to today's cosmopolitan clientele, whether in the energetic Cairo, by the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, or on the enchanting Red Sea. Inertia provides more than just properties, we aim to establish a close-knit and active community. As a subsidiary of Inertia Holding Group, we are selective with our properties as we only choose distinguished projects that offer valuable homes and a gratifying lifestyle aligned with contemporaneous needs. Our developments range from cutting edge medical centres such as Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, Medipoint Mena Plaza; residential properties like West Hills, G Cribs in El Gouna, Soleya, Brix, Joulz, Veranda in Sahl Hasheesh, and the mega-project Jefaira in the North Coast. In every project, Inertia ensures estimable developments with immaculate designs, overlooking scenic vistas, and a warm, vibrant community. Today, Inertia’s properties are peerless, guaranteeing their residents quality of design, service, and ambiance.

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