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About Pali North Coast

Pali, which is the Hawaiian word for “Cliff”, is located 180 kilometres from Alexandria. It is literally built on the top of a cliff and spans 75 acres. It is designed in a way that ensures that all your needs are met; whatever it is you might need, you do not have to venture back to the outside world to get it, because, chances are, you will definitely find it in Pali North Coast. Brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime whether you zipline through Pali, or raft through its sea, we are redefining sports and water activities just so you can experience Summer like never before.

Pali’s heart is the sea. That’s why we made sure that wherever you are, you have a clear view of that blue treasure which the Sun shines upon like a diamond, and the Moon and Stars’ light are reflected on like a majestic mirror that is the Mediterranean Sea.

Based on a Valley Theme, Pali North Coast is surrounded by beautiful green landscapes through which you can enjoy a relaxing walk and numerous fun activities. No matter how close of far the beach is, you can always have a clear view of the sea due to the several platforms that Pali is built upon.

Starting from commercial spaces, restaurants, clubhouse to a five star hotal, all the way to pools, beaches and sports activities, Pali has everything you need and more.

Pali North Coast features a big park that extends all the way from the beginning of the project till the beach, providing residents with the ultimate walking experience in order to reach the beach. Throughout the park, you will be able to find different activities.