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Set in a strategic location within 6th of October City, October Plaza’s vision is to meet the increasing housing needs in the area by providing an exclusive contemporary apartment living community, one where you belong. October Plaza is characterised by its contemporary architecture and dynamic designs, providing elegant buildings in a warm and cosy setting. By adopting innovative methods of functional landscaping, open space distribution has allowed for the creation of social focal points that complement the views of the homes. SODIC adopted an environmentally responsive approach when it comes to its October Plaza designs, building materials and landscape.
October Plaza’s community will be able to benefit from the various landscape zones and amenities that allow for diversified activities. Our landscape is equipped with dedicated gathering and meeting spots to further enhance the community’s sense of belonging. Safe walkways, cycling pathways and swimming pools are a few examples of how October Plaza is designed to value your health and lifestyle. Parking options are also an advantage, with both surface and underground parking available to suit your needs.

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