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View of the beach from the clubhouse in Mangroovy El Gouna

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Magroovy Residence El Gouna

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Mangroovy Residence - El Gouna


Delivering exclusivity and luxury in abundance, Mangroovy Residence is a state-of-the-art development that boasts a mesmerising seafront location. Inspired by nature and its surroundings, its architecture and design have been created in a way that inspires. With this comes a high standard of living, where residents can indulge in its location and a host of facilities. With the Red Sea on its doorstep, the wonders of nature and beauty are never too far away at Mangroovy.


A First-Class Location

Located in El Gouna, this residential project has been designed to provide a perfect escape for all residents. Perched on the beach but in an area that benefits from peace and tranquillity, it creates a haven of relaxation and adventure. Despite the privacy, the development is still within reach of a wide range of facilities, ensuring residents can find everything they need from both worlds.


Of course, location is everything and Mangroovy does not disappoint. Strategically positioned, it delivers a 360 m view of the ocean and the chance to indulge in wonderful sea views and the real beauty of nature. With its own shoreline, finding that special place is a dream that becomes a reality at Mangroovy.


The Grand Masterplan

Development started in 2016 and since, the resort has grown into what we see today. A development that exudes class and style while keeping its main focus on luxury and opulent living. The aim of Mangroovy was to provide its residents with a dream escape and a community where they feel at home. Whether it is a holiday getaway or a permanent residence, this entire development indulges in the wonders of the Red Sea Coast.


The homes are designed to provide a luxurious and lavish standard of living. Surrounded by swaying palm trees, the azure blue waters of the Red Sea and white sandy beaches, this development encompasses everything that residents could ever want or need from luxury living. The perfect blend of timeless interiors and the bold architecture of the exteriors, the flawless appearance invites residents to indulge in a rich style of living where they are sure to find everything they could ever need.


A Mesmerising Plan Design

The plan design of Mangroovy is one that utilises open outdoor space and brings it together in absolute perfection. The captivating wonders of unspoilt nature harmoniously blend with design and style. As they dance together in the wonderful sunshine, residents are given the chance to explore a different lifestyle and standard of living.


The aim is to bring together an active and adventurous lifestyle as well as the chance to relax, unwind and soak up the vibrant atmosphere that this development offers.

The plan is to give residents access to everything they could ever want. Nothing is ever too far away, making life convenient, simple and enjoyable.


Facilities For All

Whether it is excitement or relaxation, residents can benefit from a huge array of facilities on offer. They can spend lazy days relaxing on the unspoilt beaches where they can experience a real slice of paradise. However, the lure of the ocean is never too far away as there are water sports that make use of the prime location of this development.


The beach bar is the ideal spot for sipping cocktails in the sunshine while watching time slip away. With endless views over the ocean, guests can find that haven of tranquillity and immerse themselves in it with ease. It does not stop there as the development also boasts pools, an outdoor cinema, health and well-being facilities and a yacht club. There is something for everyone, which is what gives this development its true charm and appeal.


Each day, guests can wake up and do something different. Variety is the spice of life and here, residents can find plenty to enjoy.


Featured Homes

The development delivers a blend of luxury Townhouses, Villas and Apartments. In total, there are 774 units and all deliver a level of style and opulence that has to be seen to be believed. From the wonderful detail and intricate design, the homes are designed to incorporate everything that surrounds them including the mountains and the beach.


All units have captured the very essence of luxurious living. Exclusive, extravagant and modern is what they offer in abundance. The exterior of all units contains sleek lines, a contemporary look and architecture that captures the imagination. Once inside, a new level of class is experienced. With automated systems, elegant finishes and a range of facilities, residents are going to have the chance to immerse themselves in a standard of living that they have never experienced before.

Location Map

Location Map
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