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villas in IL Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco Compound is a fully integrated residential development in the heart of Egypt's New Capital. "IL BOSCO", Italian for ‘the forest’, is a project inspired by a forest-like environment and the incredible greenery that circulates around it. With this theme, Misr Italia Properties aim to create a one of a kind experience that will support a huge healthy ecological system. Stefano Boeri’s Vertical Forests buildings have been built or planned in Milan, Utrecht, Villiers sur Marne near Paris, Eindhoven and Guizhou Province, China. IL Bosco New Capital will be will be the concept’s first appearance in the Middle East.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
master plan for IL Bosco New Capital by Misr Italia

Master Plan

Master Plan

Construction Progress

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Location Map

Location Map
Master Plan Design IL Bosco New Capital

IL Bosco New Capital Master Plan Design

The Club

Overlooking the vertical forest and the incredible gardens lies ‘The club’, an extremely active area cantered at the heart of the project. It overlooks an amazing view of the gardens around it and is connected to districts that are surrounding it as well. The club is full of vast spaces of park areas which will give IL Bosco New Capital Compound residents the chance to continually breathe fresh air while gazing at the beauty of the nature around them. Also, these parks will allow people to enjoy a walk, a jog or a run. It is the place to experience extreme joy, fun, peacefulness and serenity.

The Creek

The creek is a river-like water feature flowing through IL Bosco, which will be connecting many parts of the project together. The creek symbolizes the true essence of nature as it will connect all natural systems together. There will be beautiful waterfalls around it which will support the water circulation. The creek will flow through the heart of the villa areas and will also be connected to the club. There will be walkways and structured seating placed around the creek walk trail. The creek is a creation to let people connect closely to nature, and allow people to enjoy the serenity and beauty that comes along with it.

The Commercial Hub

The commercial hub is an area in IL Bosco where residents and visitors can enjoy shopping and dining in. There will be a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes to choose from. The commercial hub will be separated from the residential zone areas by a ‘buffer zone’, a slope of greenery, which will give more privacy to the residents of the compound. The setting of the commercial hub will not look like anything you’ve seen before. So, get ready for a unique shopping experience indulged with the beautiful green nature.

The Vertical Forest

Welcome to the vertical forest, an iconic architectural creation that aims to benefit the overall ecosystem of the community. The vertical forest is a group of tall buildings with vertical integrated landscape. The buildings will be full of green plantations to complement the essence of the project, which is supporting the overall sustainability of the community. There will be community pools, terraced planting areas, retail podium, gardens and open green spaces for people to enjoy. The vertical forest will be considered a significant landmark, as it will be located right by Mohamed Bin Zayed Street, the New Capital’s main street. First of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, the vertical towers will bring a unique experience to its community, with its luxurious feel and outstanding look.

The Cliff

The cliff is the highest point in the compound that overlooks the villas’ districts around. It will give residents the most incredible sceneries of the compound as it will overlook the creek along with the magnificent landscapes surrounding it. The cliff will also provide an exceptional view to the iconic vertical forest towers, and inside the cliff lies the clubhouse, which will feature open terraces with a unique swimming pool, and a fine dining restaurant.

The Valley

A step down from the cliff comes the valley, which is made up of both villas and apartments, and it will have exceptional open spaces that will give residents a lot of space to enjoy and perform whatever activities they desire. The valley also has a prominent view to the creek. It also provides a huge landscape of fields and trees. There will be a community centre, parks, and secluded pathways that are pet-friendly.

The Park

The park is a natural landscape that is considered a connection to all the open spaces and gardens of the project. The park will be featuring villas, apartments, trails, play areas, and a community centre. The park makes up the biggest part of the project area, and so the amount of greenery and parks in this area will be massive.

The Meadows

The meadows, a residential zone area south of the club district, has its own distinct character and style. It will give residents a different feel from the other districts. The Meadows is a landscape of a soft, open and porous fields of seasonal wild flowers, grasses and native plant arrangements. This area will give a comfort and serene feeling to its residents. It will be very calming and peaceful. It will be nature that is full of mesmerising plantations that will fully captivate your eyes.


IL Bosco apartment buildings are made up of ground floor plus seven floors up, with each floor consisting of different apartment types. They are designed with a high level of elegance to maintain the overall luxurious look that is consistent with the design of the project. There is a community centre for each apartment building zone, with pool areas for families and friends to enjoy. Every apartment building will be entered through a lobby that could be accessed through two entrances, which are the main entrance and the garden entrance. These lobbies will have a distinctive elegant look to them. They will provide a super comfortable and a relaxing waiting area for residents and their visitors, as well as a reception occupied with staff receptionists.


The villas are located at the heart of a magnificent green area that overlooks the beautiful meandering pathways, open green spaces, and community gardens. The villas’ zone in IL Bosco has its own exclusive clubhouse overlooking the creek. With the open terrace in every villa, residents can enjoy an early morning breakfast or a family picnic whilst breathing the fresh air and gazing at the fine-looking greenery which they will wake up to everyday. Family gatherings and night-time parties are also some great occasions that residents could enjoy by utilising the beautiful terrace spaces that these stand-alone villas provide.

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