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Elara in IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna

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building architecture in Elara phase of IL Monte Galala

Elara is a new gated community in IL Monte Galala with bespoke joys and features designed to specifically cater to your senses. Cool shades balance the warm natural light, shimmering pools and a flowing private lagoon surround you with endless breathtaking views. Lush greenery unfolds all around as well as a world-class spa that rejuvenates, heals, and revives your mind, body, and soul. featuring chalets, lofts, town houses and standalone villas directly overlooking crystal lagoons.

homes at Elara Ain Sokhna with crystal lagoon

Elara reconnects you with nature through its harmonious architecture. The sun, the shades, the sea breeze, and the calming seawater are all essential elements in Elara, a warm embrace of harmony that is the essence of your life there. Rather than altering the landscape, Elara’s architecture works bring nature as a sentient part of your home.

the view of the sea from homes in Elara Ain Sokhna

Imagine the serenity of white sandy beaches peppered with glittering vistas of the crystalline blue lagoons topped with tropical landscapes of undulating greenery. Elara is a paradise lush with verdant greenery and balmy sunlight inspiring vitality in your life, serenaded by a tranquil duet of water and wind; your home is a natural extension of the surrounding nature, a getaway overlooking the sea from the peaks of the Galala Mountain.

loft homes overlooking lagoons in Elara

Elara Homes Interior Design

interior design in Elara

Elara’s homes are inspired by the unique indoor–outdoor lifestyle of IL MONTE GALALA, where the landscape, mountains, and the sea are within your sight at any given moment. Your home will exude with Mona Hussein Design House’s (MHDH) minimalist nature-inspired essence, weaving natural elements within relaxing and clutter-free interiors. The faded off-white colour palette and subtle shades of ecru, beige, and green invoke an organic and refreshing décor; your home is a space of healing and perpetual serenity.

interiors of bathroom in Elara

Master Plan for Elara

Elara master plan

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Elara Amenities

Elara’s spa is a temple of restoration within a tropical lush haven, connecting with nature and restoring balance to your soul. With a view of the lagoon’s shimmering seawater, you get to experience the utmost form of freedom as you escape and indulge yourself in the Elara’s spa experience. Unwind your body with signature therapies, including soothing massages, healing reflexology, and refreshing body scrubs.

Within your view, Elara’s beach club welcomes you in elegance, an oasis seamlessly extending from the verdant landscape. Catering to your mood with delicate passion, the beach club sets the stage for warm memories, indulging you in fine culinary delights and impeccable service.

Just around the corner, the dedicated swimmable crystalline lagoon flows with the blissful essence of the Red Sea, framed with white sandy beaches, painting a view fit for a dream, bringing scenery that will be enjoyed from all homes alike. The mesmerizing lagoons bring the seafront to your doorstep and provide a safe and idyllic setting for you and your family to unwind.

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