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Fifth Square compound is a fully fledged residential development that is located in a prime location in New Cairo in the up and coming Golden Square. For those who are seeking urban living but an exclusive retreat, then Fifth Square is the ideal place to live. Offering unrivalled views over lush, green areas, Fifth square is all about creating a standard of living that underpins the very essence of luxury and quality. Designed for residents of all ages, it encourages a standard of social living that brings people together.

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Master Plan


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Fifth Square is strategically placed in New Cairo and this prime location enables residents to get the best of both worlds. From the lively, bustling atmosphere of New Cairo to the picturesque views and tranquillity of suburban living, there is something about the location that pulls on the heartstrings.


This fully integrated gated compound is easily accessible by many of the main roads, making it an ideal place to live for young professionals and those who are looking to enjoy their later years in life. This prime location enables them to maximise their experience of living in this wonderful development, adding to its alluring charm.


Of course, the location also brings with it beautiful weather that makes outdoor living a pleasure. The scents and sounds that fill the air make this development a joy to embrace for all residents that choose to live here.


Master Plan


Fifth Square New Cairo has been impeccably designed by Almarasem Development to seamlessly merge nature and urban living. From lush parks that entice residents to be active and spend time outdoors, to tranquil lagoons that add to the wondrous feeling of nature.


The development has been designed with open living in mind. The spacious design and the sprawling landscape unfolds around residents, creating that feeling of harmony and serenity. From quiet walkways and tree-lined paths to areas that are designed for fitness and outdoor activities, there is something for every resident here.


The aim is to deliver a standard of living that enhances lifestyles and ensures a unique living experience. Opulently designed units dot their way throughout the development while injection of plants, flower and trees bring the development to life.


The master plan is to provide a level of excellence that cannot be found anywhere else. Offering privacy, contemporary living and a level of luxury that is within reach of many, Fifth Square is a game-changer when it comes to new developments that are designed for modern living.




No stone has been left unturned when it comes to ensuring that the development captures the needs of residents perfectly and then delivers solutions that work.


Of course, with stunning surroundings such as beautiful landscaped gardens and pathways, it means that spending time outdoors is an absolute must. Therefore, residents are encouraged to spend time outside where they can meet new people, interact and keep fit with walking, running and cycling paths that twist and turn across the development, residents have every reason to get out and about.


There are clubhouses for apartments and villa owners, helping to create a community feeling as well as a place where residents can go to indulge in all that the development has to offer.


The development is accessible via controlled access gates offering a level of privacy that is not usually seen in standard urban developments while underground parking ensures that streets are kept free from vehicles, enhancing its appeal.


Residents can stay connected using the high-speed fibre network while the solar-powered street lighting turns the development into one that is eco-friendly, harnessing the power of the endless Egyptian sunshine.


The Properties


Within the development, a range of impressive homes adorns the landscape. Here residents will find Standalone Villas, Twin Houses, Town Houses, a range of Fully Finished Apartments and Garden Units.


All accommodation has been designed with smart, sleek lines and an appeal that is charming in every possible way. With large windows to let the sunshine in, they have a spacious feel and a bright, inviting vibe. High-quality fittings and furnishings ensure that nothing has been missed while outdoor spaces and pools are available with some units.


Lavish, flamboyant and exclusive are just some of the words to describe the amazing design of all accommodation. Seeking that perfect blend of choice, there is something here to suit all desires, making Fifth Square an appealing prospect for all.

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