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Brochure & Floor Plan
Bay West Somabay

Bay West is located on Somabays west coast and is the perfect idyllic residential project. Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family. The selection of wood and stone in Baywest’s architecture coupled with the seamless blend of modern and contemporary styles truly created a timeless look that has been painstakingly designed to embody luxury and comfort. The spectrum of colours used were inspired by Mother Nature herself. Every colour you see outside – everything from dark brown tree bark to the greenest of grass- has been chosen to enrich your lives by bringing the natural goodness of earth into your homes

Bay West Villa
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Bay West Swimming pools

Bay West Somabay Video

Master Plan

Bay West Master Plan

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Location Map

Location of Bay West in Somabay on Google Maps

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