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Westlane Blvd front cover

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Westlane Blvd is inspired by the cosy European side walk cafes and narrow streets. Brought to you by Egypt's leading developer Palm Hills Developments, Westland Blvd is a well-rounded complex with extravagant amenities and spacious tailor-made offices, clinics, retail and F&B to cater all your needs. Drifting far from the mainstream, this is West Cairo's newest hip destination to eat, work and shop in a different European like city vibe. 

Location of Westlane Blvd in West Cairo

Built on a 56,000 sqm strip facing Palm Parks Compound in the centre of Zayed, Westlane Boulevard is set to become the newest commercial landmark of West Cairo. The complex is strategically situated near Cairo’s main roads, Mehwar and Ring Road, making it an accessible destination to everyone all over Cairo.

Westlane Blvd Facts and figures

A well-rounded complex is what Westlane Blvd is all about, from eateries to offices and retail services, all your needs are met. Westlane Boulevard is set to be divided in three different areas to serve diversified clientele, ranging from young families and single professionals to matured families.

Master Plan of Westlane Blvd

This is no ordinary hangout spot, this is your gateway from Cairo to the rest of the world. Westlane Blvd takes you on a voyage to the most iconic foodie cities to live the local experience. Travel to Rome, Sicily and Athens from the heart of Cairo to savour fresh authentic delicacies at the centre of narrow streets, famous piazzas, buildings and unique architectural masterpieces. Get to witness a cultural melting pot at the intersection of every square at Westlane Boulevard.

the design of Westlane Blvd by Palm Hills Developments

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Building architecture in Westlane Blvd

Location of Weslane Blvd on Google Maps

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