landscae in VYE New Zayed

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VYE in New Zayed by SODIC

VYE is the first of three exciting neighbourhoods that make up SODIC’s newest 500 acre development in New Zayed. With its sustainable and innovative designs, VYE aims to target the new generation of home-buyers who seek a modern-day and Eco-friendly living experience.

VYE New Zayed location.jpg

VYE is strategically located in the heart of SODIC’s New Zayed with direct access to Mehwar Rod El Farag and New Zayed’s City Loop. It is only minutes away from SODIC West, Arkan, Sphinx Airport and Mohandiseen.

master plan of VYE New Zayed

VYE’s outdoor spaces are creatively and functionally designed to cater for sports and community activities with WiFi connected co-working spaces amongst intrinsically linked parks branded “Nova Parks”, delivering a busy and vibrant outdoor living experience.

landscape design n VYE New Zayed

VYE New Zayed boasts Cairo's first solar powered homes which maximises efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and is more environment-friendly.

view of the landscae from VYE apartment terrace

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building architecture in VYE New Zayed