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Vinci New Capital Misr Italia Properties

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Vinci New Capital Master Plan.jpg

Vinci New Capital offers boutique luxury living in an upscale community. Vinci transforms luxury through the commemoration of modern design. From artistic experiences and bespoke facilities to flawless details and exquisite programs, Vinci New Capital manifests luxury and ingenuity, providing residents with an upstanding life.

Vinci New Capital Iconic Villa

Vinci New Capital is developed by Misr Italia Properties in a prime location in close proximity to the New Capital’s Diplomatic District. It spans 110 acres (G4) in the Seventh Residential District (R7) of Egypt’s New Capital. Offering a variety of housing options including high end villas, twin and town homes as well as luxury apartment buildings, this is a first-class residence with an elegant earthiness.

Vinci New Capital Apartment Buildin Facades

Vinci’s residents will attain sophisticated living in this lavish community centered residential development, with serene access to some of the most spectacular lifestyle attractions. Vinci is equipped with amenities that inhabit plush quality of life, and spaces that tend to indicate a desire to connect with nature forming one community.

Commercial Strip in Vinci New

The commercial area is located on the western side of Vinci New Capital offering boutique shopping and dining experiences. Creative business spaces will be made available as well as a pedestrian friendly promenade.

Clubhouse in Vinci New Capital.jpg

A state of the art clubhouse is located in the heart of Vinci New Capital offering a variety of services including a reception lounge for residents to welcome their guests and an events venue for those special occasions. A fitness centre, library, spa and beauty salon will cater to the desires of Vinci’s residents. Sports courts, swimming pools and a kids club will also be available at Vinci’s clubhouse.

Districts in Vinci New Capital.jpg

Vinci New Capital redefines luxury living with architectural inspirations falling in line with crafted interiors that endeavor for an effortless, minimally programmed space. The architecture of both interiors and exteriors brilliantly combines natural grandeur with modern luxury in a haven of style and harmony. Vinci New Capital employs abstract principles of fine art and fashion design to instill sophisticated artistry into the daily life of its residents.

Veni District Vinci New Capital.jpg


Veni District embraces Cubism – regarded as one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century in which objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form. The Veni District is an apartment residence comprising 10 apartment buildings with intervening water gardens and an exclusive community centre.

Vidi District Vinci New Capital.jpg


The Vidi District recapitulates Art Décor which represented luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress. Vidi consists of 12 apartment buildings, a children’s play area and a community centre. A pavilion and multi-purpose green area with a fitness lawn are also included.

Vici District Vinci New Capital.jpg


Vici District represents Art Noveau – a total art style which embraced a wide range of fine and decorative arts that was popular between 1890 and 1910. The Vici District offers luxury apartment buildings which are adequately spaced to ensure all units enjoy scenic views of the lush landscape.

Van District Vinci New Capital.jpg


The Van District utilizes Expressionism at the core of its design which aims to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality. Van comprises a range of town homes, twin houses and standalone villas with generously incorporated water features, making this residence an ideal retreat for those who cherish that extra privacy and upscale living.

Dali District Vinci New Capital.jpg


Dali District is all about Surrealism; best known for its visual artworks which aimed to resolve the contradictory conditions of dream and reality into an absolute super reality. This is Vinci’s New Capital crème de la crème, the epitome of luxury living; featuring a limited number of signature iconic villas and tailor designed villas. These villas are the most spacious standalone villas offered in the New Capital. Owners are in for a treat with private gated access and fresh water lagoons right at their door step taking luxury living to the next level.

Jasper District Vinci New Capital.jpg


The Jasper District incorporates Pop Art which was a movement that presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture. Jasper is a town home residence offering its residents spacious homes set amongst lush green gardens.

Vinci New Capital Twin House Front Facade

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Finishing Specifications for Iconic Vill


Prime location in the New Capital:
      Residential District #7 (R7):

  • Diplomatic Area

  • High end community zone.

  • Expats zone

  • High possibility for renting.
    On New Capital Main Road.

  • Expo

  • Presidential Palace

  • Massa Hotel

  • Bank Zone (Central Bank)

  • Parliament Zone

  • Cathedral Church

  • British University

  • Olympic Village

Project concept (Luxury, Boutique, living)

  1. Architecture design: all units (exterior, interior and units landscape) are exclusively designed by Hany Saad.

  2. Tailored Home:

  • Iconic Villas: Tailored made by Hany Saad (exterior and interior). 

  • Villas: you can add with extra fees, skeleton pool, standard finishing, black and white finishing.

  • Twin and town house: you can add with extra fees, skeleton pool, standard finishing, black and white finishing

  • Apartments: Fully finished and non-finished apartments. You can add Black and white finishing with extra fees.

  • Designs: are for free with the full package (3D interior shoots, material selection and working drawings.


Your organic Home:

  • Organic clusters: different styles and shapes.

  • Different landscape features (huge lakes and islands).

Your boutique Home:

  • Very cosy: 10 islands.

  • Very low density.

  • Walk-able compound.

  • Exclusive boutique compound.

  • Very limited units: 70% villas and 25% apartments 5 % branded hotel apartments.

Your first class home:

  • High end technology:  phone charger service, triple play (tele, internet and data centre) and smart signage in the public areas.


Community centre services:

  1. Reception lounge with welcome amenities.

  2. Outdoor pool.

  3. Mini fitness centre.

  4. Full concierge program.

  5. Relaxation lounge.

  6. High speed complementary wireless.

  7.  Daily and monthly newspapers and monthly lifestyle magazine.


Club House.

  1. Reception lounge with welcome amenities.

  2. Spa and beauty salon.

  3. Outdoor and indoor pool.

  4. Gym / fitness centre.

  5. Exotic fine dining restaurant.

  6. Full concierge program.

  7. Relaxation lounge.

  8. High speed complementary wireless.

  9.  Daily and monthly newspapers and monthly lifestyle magazine.

  10. Library stocked up with the international best sellers.

  11. Main restaurant.

  12. Kids club for our little guests.

  13. Event venue.

  14. Pizza bar.


Sport area (part of the club house).

  1. Cross fit area.

  2. Yoga Area.

  3. Boxing area.

  4. Tennis courts.

  5. Football court.


Project consultant:

  1. Master planner: CallisonRTKl.

  2. Architecture: Hany Saad Innovation.

  3. Local master planner and architecture consultant: DMA.


Vinci New Capital Product Types:

  1. Apartments: 2 bedrooms (125 to 140 m2), 3 bedrooms (147 to 180 m2) and 4 bedrooms (with penthouse).

  2. Villas: Iconic Villa, Villa A, Villa B, Villa C, Twin House and Town house.

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