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Trio Gardens New Cairo Landscape

Impeccably designed, Trio Gardens is all about providing residents with an exceptional level of stylish living under the name of Trio Villas. The three lavish duplexes are carefully designed to overlap and all come with a private garden and plunge pool. Designed by world-known architects, the flow of the complex and landscape calmly complement each other, with the design coming from world-famous Eng. Paul Antonio’s HECATE international architectural house based in Paris-Beirut.

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Location of Trio Gardens New Cairo

Trio Gardens Master Plan Design

Master Plan for Trio Gardens New Cairo

Trio Gardens has been specially created to incorporate clever designs and spacious living, aiming to provide a modern and contemporary style of living that ensures residents are catered for in every possible way. The designers have considered everything including parking, safety and the greenery. Located in spacious grounds, guests could be mistaken for thinking that they are living in the countryside with splashes of greenery and trees dotted throughout the development, all of which makes everything so pleasing to the eye. Spread over 35.5 acres, 75% of the development is set aside for greenery proving just how much residents can benefit from this wonderful outdoor space. The aim? Sustainable, smarter living.

Trio Gardens New Cairo Building Designs

All buildings are seamlessly linked by open gardens, flowing water features and parks that cater to those who embrace the outdoors and the social aspect of living on a development such as this. Different zones give the development character and all ages are catered for, including children who can explore the Kids zone where they can learn from their natural surroundings while letting their minds wander and their imagination to help them get creative. The development aims to instil calmness and serenity within and so, residents can benefit from Yoga and Meditation Zones, Barbeque Zones, Work Stations and outdoor gyms that are suitable for kids and adults. The project encourages an active lifestyle with bike trails, automated rental bike storage as well as areas for running.

Trio Gardens New Cairo

Not only can residents benefit from parking facilities, but they can also gain peace of mind from an emergency power station as well as an exceptional level of security. Trio Gardens aims to deliver entertainment for those who live there including retail opportunities, nurseries and more.

The Tree House in Trio Gardens New Cairo

The Tree House is just one element of proof as to just how vital it is that the development encourages people to live in harmony. This 5,000 sqm space has been designed to embrace the natural sunlight all day long and with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, all feel at home from the moment they arrive. Whether residents want to meet with friends, arrange coffee mornings or simply take things at a slower pace, this is where it all happens. It covers three levels and within this facility, residents can take advantage of a restaurant, swimming pools, stores as well as sports facilities including football, tennis, basketball and squash.

Trio Garden Villas come with private garden and plunge pool

All units offer an inspiration standard of living, from opulent designs, exclusive fittings and furnishings that encourages a lavish and stylish way of living. Residents can choose from a number of options such as trio villas, lofts and single apartments with the development consisting of 773 contemporary villas known as Quattro, Trio and Duo. All range in space but all promise an exceptional standard of living with light colours and finishes that ensure residents have all that they need. All units come with their own outdoor space and plunge pool upon request.

Trio New Gardens exterior facade of villas

Award-winning architects, TDF carefully designed the units to create the perfect, turn-key home where residents can benefit from an array of features including state-of-the-art automation in the form of curtains, lighting, windows, doors, air conditioning and security. Residents have everything they could ever want and what's more, they can even personalise their property with the addition of extra options.

Finishing specifications for Homes in Trio Gardens New Cairo

As expected with a development of this size and style, all properties are modern, contemporary and designed with a style that captures the imagination. As far as developments go, Trio Gardens inspires and encourages people to live in luxury while surrounded by first-class facilities and wonderful outdoor spaces.

Interior finishing Trio Gardens

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