The ‘K’ Beach Town Homes in Sahl Hasheesh is the perfect destination providing the ultimate fun experience, convenience and recreation while cherishing privacy and tranquillity. The ‘K’ is crafted finely, creating the perfect blend between recreation and relaxation, offering a fully integrated gated community built around you and catered to every family member.

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Nestled in the heart of the Sahl Hasheesh bay, The ‘K’ is a fully fledged community that can accommodate up to 500 families. Its units have been built and finished to your utmost convenience and taste from design to construction, matching all styles and tastes, providing you with tranquillity, glee, happiness, and exclusivity.

The ‘K’ Beach Town Homes Resort is divided into 3 main residential zones:



The full entertainment and recreation zone with a lagoon area, swimming pools, plunge pools, kids’ beach area and Kids’ club. The Glee Zone has direct access to the clubhouse and an access gate for outside visitors.



This is the heart of The ‘K’, perfect for anyone seeking a quiet spot, a relaxed getaway and a tranquil experience, away from all the hustle and bustle but all lavish scenery, greenery and accessible pools for owners.



An exquisite area, offering serviced apartments for a luxury experience, private stay and a premium service. With a private gate to serviced apartment area, built over the highest point of town, the Select Zone grants exclusivity and an utmost relaxation experience.

The secret element to a fully integrated community is The ‘K’ Promenade; The Breeze, linking the beach to the residences as a miscellaneous retail area. The ‘K’ Promenade is a 400-meter-long walkway with retail and recreational facilities. A path for pedestrians or cyclers creating hype and traffic and turning the whole Sahl Hasheesh bay into a lively community; a spot for all year-round festivities.

Located in the Glee Zone, The ‘K’ Clubhouse serves as a main attraction throughout the community accommodating our residents’ daily needs, aspiring to keep them always entertained and relaxed. The ‘K’ Clubhouse creates an upbeat atmosphere with all-encompassing activities suitable for all ages as well as serving as a delightful facility for residents and their guests.

As a final and perfecting touch, and to make the whole experience worthwhile, The ‘K’ offers fully finished turnkey homes. This includes a full installation of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and split type air conditioners. The fully finished homes also include a full security CCTV system, Triple Play Communication services, as well as dedicated parking spots.

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