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The Iris Swan Lake Residences Cover

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Location of Swan Lake Residences in New Cairo

Swan Lake Residences is located in East Cairo on the Cairo-Suez road close to Mirage City and Al Rehab. It is conveniently situated only 9 km away from the American University in Cairo and is only a 10 min drive to Cairo’s International Airport. This prime location makes Swan Lake Residences an exceptional opportunity to experience a premium residential lifestyle in close proximity to Cairo’s major destinations.

Swan Lake Residences Master Plan

In partnership with CRTKL, one of the world’s most established master planners, Hassan Allam Properties designed Swan Lake Residences to comprise twelve exclusive gated residences centred along a 30-metre wide boulevard. The master plan also includes a world-class sports club, brilliant landscapes with open green spaces and pedestrian friendly walkways together with a 1.3 km long retail and business park.

The Iris apartment residence render

The Iris is the first apartment residence in Swan Lake Residences amongst its 12 secluded and private gated luxurious residences. It takes its name from the multi-coloured garden flower, emphasizing the neighbourhood’s surrounding green and vibrant landscapes. The Iris’s apartments boast spacious layouts and grand architecture that present an unmatched premium apartment living experience

The Iris in Swan Lake Residences New Cairo

The Iris spans a total land area of 93,487 sqm and comprises ten apartment buildings, each offering abundant levels of serenity and comfort. Surrounding every building are lush landscape areas to guarantee 360-degree views of the greenery for all the 765 homes at The Iris. At the heart of its ever-growing foliage, the neighbourhood’s central park spreads out across 18,849 sqm.

Entrance of apartment buildings at The Iris

The Iris houses the most lavish apartments in Swan Lake Residences – New Cairo and this is immediately evident at the entrance of its buildings. The Iris welcomes its residents into a grand entrance hall with chic flooring and world-class ceiling concepts. Guaranteed to make an elegant first impression, every apartment building welcomes its residents and guests into a luxurious haven, where taste and comfort go hand-in-hand.

Interior design for apartments at The Iris

The Iris homeowners are well-appointed with a diversified range of apartment living settings, which aim to address unconventional functionality and signature lifestyles. Each room offers splendid comfort, where the spacious layouts come with floor-to-ceiling windows, expansive living areas and smart home features. Every room is coated with layers of natural light and moderates a healthy expanse of air circulation.

nature-inspired experiences at The Iris

The Iris stands out as Swan Lake Residences – New Cairo’s foremost lavish community, which promises exclusive apartment living experiences, suited to its residents needs for lifetimes ahead. Distinguished with its expansive open spaces and lush landscapes, The Iris promises unbounded nature-inspired experiences for its residents. With the expansive pocket parks and private gardens spanning the entire neighbourhood, The Iris offers limitless breathing spaces and luxuriant settings.

pedestrian-friendly terrains at The Iris

Mastered with ingenious design, the streets boast pedestrian-friendly terrains surrounded by contemporary landscaped parks and pathways. The culture of walking, jogging, running and cycling subsequently becomes a pleasant everyday routine for homeowners. Panoramic water features, luxuriant parkland pathways and cycling lanes present fully fledged pedestrian-friendly terrains that inspire families to take peaceful walks through the parks and individuals to enjoy recreational bike rides in the streets.

retail experience at SwanLake Residences

Living at The Iris also offers exceptional convenience; residents can enjoy an energizing walk or a short drive to Swan Lake Residences – New Cairo’s premium commercial district. There, world-class diners, high-end fashion and exclusive boutique stores offer families, friends and neighbours the chance to gather and enjoy the day nearby their homes. Ultimately, living at The Iris promises limitless opportunities for the community to grow, refresh and revive within vibrant neighbourhood.

The Iris Apartment Living Cover.jpg

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