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Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

Positioned in the centre of El Gouna, you can find the ultimate paradise destination that offers expansive, powdery white beaches which caress the gentle waters of lagoons and sun-drenched rooftops with views over lush greens. This haven of complete beauty is where you will find properties that take inspiration from Greek architecture, as they stand proud, making their mark on the landscape around them. They reach effortlessly from the earth to the sea, where they mould and shape an exclusive community that has become known as Swan Lake El Gouna. This is where exclusive amenities and experiences can be found creating memories that last a lifetime.

Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

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Located in the Heart of El Gouna; a few minutes away from El Gouna's main hubs,Abu Tig Marina and its new extension, the New Marina and the Downtown Area, 25 Kilometers north of Hurghada, a four hour flight from Europe's major capitals.

Location of Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

The Greeks have a long and extensive history of designing some of the most captivating buildings in the world, many of which still stand today, proving that their understanding of design and architecture is unwavering and confident. Taking inspiration from these amazing Greek designs, Hassan Allam Properties have created a harmonious collection of new homes that come with a strikingly simple yet bold design, merging seamlessly with the landscape around them. They have created a complete masterpiece where they provide a new and exciting perspective on the way in which this development has been nurtured and created from the ground up.

The Greek architecture in Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

Through working with the highly regarded Divercity Architects, the development was created in a way that delivers the ultimate in architectural brilliance, where you can find waterfront condos that look just as impressive from a distance as they do when you stand in front of them. A whitewashed, contemporary design is blended seamlessly with wooden linings and rooftops that provide a 360-degree panoramic view. With 10 different unit types available, this paradise at the beating heart of the Red Sea takes inspiration from Greek design and provides visitors and residents with inspiration, irrespective of the time of year.

The panoramic view in Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

By bringing together master planners, exclusive architects and interior design companies that have their fingers on the pulse, Swan Lake El Gouna is every bit classy as it is sophisticated. Again, taking inspiration from Greek design, the interiors have been created to offer space and a feeling of luxury from the moment you walk through the door. Each unit is completed to a high specification and they are ready to move into.

Interior design of homes inSwan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

Swan Lake has been prudently designed so it blends with the natural surroundings. Created around the shape of a heart, it means that every unit will benefit from sensational views of the azure lagoons while residents, from sun-kissed rooftops to wooden decks, will never have to look far to find the little touches of luxury throughout this spectacular development. The design has been taken from concept to reality, bringing an exclusive family environment where amenities make it possible for residents to benefit in every possible way.

The crystal lagoons in Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

Without water, there is no life and that is the underpinning message that is delivered with this development. Swan Lake El Gouna linked up with Crystal Lagoons to create serene and tranquil, all-round views of this idyllic beach paradise. Landscapes have been carefully created using cutting-edge technology and perfect, white powdered beaches which are accessible all year round. From water sports to sunbathing, Swan Lake El Gouna is perfect for your every need.

The beauty of Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

At the centre of the resorts sits the clubhouse.  This is the ideal place where residents can socialise, create a community spirit and benefit from a fully equipped fitness club, Spa and restaurant, giving owners the chance to create their own inspirational environment.

The clubhouse in Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

With the backdrop of grand mountains and expansive views of the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, the 18-hole golf course has been designed by Gene Bates and Fred Couples, giving residents of all golfing abilities the chance to embrace this wonderful course.

Fine dining is never far away with more than 100 different dining options available. Social living is what the development is all about and with cafes and cocktail bars close at hand, there is always a chance to unwind and relax.

The sumptuous harbour and pristine marinas have been designed by architect Alfredo Fredo and this is where residents can embrace the outside world and travellers can moor their boats in search of a piece of this wonderful paradise.

El Gouna is not short of hotels, with 14 on offer and five-star accommodation including budget hotels and beachfront inns, there is plenty of choice for all.

Exterior facade of buildings in Swan Lake El Gouna by Hassan Allam

With the Red Sea close at hand, residents can benefit from all that it has to offer. From kitesurfing in the shallow waters to diving to some of the most impressive reefs and wrecks in the world, El Gouna is the perfect location for keen divers.

Swan Lake El Gouna has been carefully designed to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication in its design. From the finest landscapes to impressive properties that offer the ultimate in luxury, it is a development that keeps on giving.

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Swan Lake El Gouna Master Plan

Swan Lake El Gouna Master Plan
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