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صوارى - الإسكندرية الجديدة

Sawary New Alexandria by Saudi Egyptian Developers

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Location of Sawary New Alexandria

Sawari New Alexandria enjoys a central location at the intersection of the International Coastal Road and Cairo Alexandria Road. It is easily accessible from the Qabari and Alexandria Agriculture road. Sawari is also surrounded by key attractions such as Carrefour, the Police Medical Hospital and an exhibition area.

Master Plan Sawary Alexandria by Saudi Egyptian Developers (SED)

Master planned on an impressive 417 acres, Sawary introduces an innovative vision that places its community at the centre stage of New Alexandria’s lively suburbs surrounding homeowners with top-class amenities offering the best of integrated living. Set to become the first and largest of its kind in Alexandria, Sawary crowns a strategic location in the city’s vibrant suburbs to surround homeowners with top-class amenities, renowned medical establishments and non-stop entertainment in every direction.

building architecture

Phase 1 of the development boasts 15 contemporary buildings nestled in green landscapes and tranquil settings. Sawary puts unparalleled privacy at the forefront of its planning while granting residents direct access to open communal spaces and mixed-use areas to foster healthy interactions and uplifting activities.

architecture Sawary Alexandria

The vision behind Sawary gives a unique payback in the creation of urban design by maximising space within each apartment, allowing for through-lit and cross ventilated homes that open onto equal views in unparalleled privacy. Sawary Buildings boast elegant facades with deep cascading ribbons that become brise-soleil to frame the views while providing sun shading and unique aesthetics that respond to the principals called for in the master plan.

Location Sawary New Alexandria SED

Founded in 1975, Saudi Egyptian Developers (SED) is an equally shared company between Saudi Arabian and Egyptian governments focused on real estate investment in Egypt. The company is driven by a mission to purchase and sell strategic land plots after their preparation and construction of buildings in accordance with breakthrough strategies and an innovative vision approved by its board of directors. Boasting over 45 landmark project across Egypt, spanning luxurious apartments and towers, SED is renowned for their unparalleled quality and success including Riyadh project in New Cairo, Bleu Vert in New Capital and Nile Towers in Maadi.

facade of buildings in Sawary New Alexandria

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