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Prive By Villette New Cairo


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Privé By Villette apartment buildings


Master Plan for Prive By Villette New Ca

Privé By Villette is surrounded by luxury standalone villas & a vast town centre. Its location in Villette is unique due to a very distinctive levelled terrain which creates a natural contouring of space. The master-plan uses this natural terrain by allowing the design to open up the central space to overlook all levels. This creates a 360 view of the Villette's landscape for almost all residents alike. The central park spans through the entire project creating a grand open space of around 260 meters length. It flows through all the different levels within the development & opens up on the sides to create smaller clusters with a sense of belonging to every residential zone while still being directly connected to the olympia park.

Privé By Villette New Cairo luxury apartments

Privé By Villette features two and three bedroom apartments which are delivered fully finished to the best standards. Surface areas start from 137 sqm. Ground floor apartments and penthouse apartments are also available at Privé By Villette. Owners will be able to choose from three different finishing palettes to suit their taste.

Privé By Villette New Cairo luxury fully finished apartments


Avant-garde finishing palette for Prive
Distingue finishing palette for Prive By
Contemporain finishing palette for Prive
Privé By Villette New Cairo Prices

Privé By Villette is developed on a 43-acre (171,630 sqm) land plot located in the north-east corner of Villette New Cairo. With a built-up area of only 18.6% a total of 892 new homes are available in Privé By Villette. These range from two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartments and duplexes.

  • Two-bedroom apartments range from 137 to 160 sqm.

  • Three-bedroom apartments range from 175 to 235 sqm.

  • Duplexes are 290 sqm.


Phase one in Privé By Villette is composed of 11 buildings with a total of 213 units. There are 5 building types; A, A’, B, B’ and C. Each building type is different in terms of the number of apartments per floor with a net internal area from 84 to 91%.

Privé By Villette lies directly adjacent to Villette’s town centre. There is a pedestrian spine that flows throughout the development in addition to a 3 km bike track passing through all neighbourhoods in Privé By Villette. Residents are set to enjoy the open scenic views achieved by the single loaded building typology. The architecture in Privé By Villette is quite unique. The glass handrails allow for maximum view transparency. The free-standing form of the terraces allows for maximum daylight and air flow. Building entrances in Privé By Villette are see-through to allow for a more welcoming experience. Some of the building types have double height entrances to convey a more grand sense. All homes will have underground parking space in addition to space for visitors to park. Apartments are equipped with dedicated areas for plantation and flower boxes.

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