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Paragon New Capital

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Paragon New Captal Business Offices

Discover the epitome of excellence at the Financial District’s First Intelligent Office Building in the New Capital. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the latest in corporate design, Paragon is equipped to take your business to new smart levels of success.

Paragon New Capital office building sets new standards for the work spaces designs and how to create a more enjoyable and relaxing yet professional and productive work space. The Paragon meeting zones on each floor cater to employees & visitors with an accessible meeting room, and espresso bar. The meeting room is equipped and supported with state-of-the-art communication technology to allow and ensure seamless collaboration between employees internally and with outside visitors.

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Paragon neighbours the Presidential Palace, Governmental Ministries, The Central Bank headquarters, The Egyptian Stock Market, Parliament and Al Masa Hotel in addition to the main offices of well-established multinational and local financial institutions consequently driving the traffic of businesses to the area. Located at the heart of the New Capital's commerce zone, Paragon occupants will also be in close proximity to the ‘Culture Hub’ including The Opera House, museums, theatres, and a multitude of other venues perfect for out-of-office meetings.


Paragon’s picturesque artificial waterfalls, secluded meeting pods, enjoyable lounges & espresso bar create more communication between the tenants in an open, friendly & yet beneficial and professional atmosphere.


The complex not only showcases an immaculate facade, but the interior was painstakingly designed to represent the wealth and status of those who occupy its rooms. From luxurious entryways to sleek corridors, Paragon’s attention to detail is one thing an entire boardroom can agree upon. Built with bold, modern lines that epitomise contemporary architecture, Paragon is equipped with technologically advanced amenities and services that encapsulate the fast-paced world of business and commerce. Using high-quality materials and finishing specs, the administrative building takes a realistic approach to the application of office layouts and provide occupants with spaces that are both practical and functional.


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