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O Business Distrct in O West by Orascom

O Business District is set to be Egypt’s most prominent commercial village, a dynamic zone with out-of-the-ordinary office areas for creative business owners. Instead of the monotonic, oppressive aura of business buildings, O Business District breaks this visual discord with low-rise and stylish unconventional buildings for business premises, imbued with a unique character seldom found in business environment. A great amount of effort and care were dedicated to create a village that instigates networking and synergy among businesses, encouraging growth rather than merely a traditional workspace.

Location of O West in 6th of October City

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Landscape design in O Business District

Extending the vibrant lifestyle of O West, O Business District’s landscape is ornamented with landscaped courtyards across the village. EDSA’s landscape allows dedicated pathways for pedestrians to flow through the village, embroidered on both sides with aesthetic paving and landscaping patterns, and eye-catching seating.

The layout of office buildings in O Business District

The eastern part of the village contains bigger office buildings that are placed on the main road, overlooking an unhindered view to the horizon, while at the western side is home to boutique-like offices are designed for more privacy and a sense of introspective and unwinding vibe.

Building architectue in O Business District

The architecture of the buildings accentuates the casual, yet professional groove of O Business District while maintaining the lavish, modern conveniences certain to be found in an office building. With ample parking spaces and utilisation of the natural topography of the development’s side, the efficient use of space and landscape essence of O West extends in O Business District’s architecture, bespoke in sleek designs and sharp colours’ contrast encouraging a casual approach to business.

O Business District master plan

O Business District office work spaces are adjacent to the Sports Club and the Educational Area, overlooking most of the prominent features of O West. The village complements the active lifestyle of O West, interconnecting with the rest of the community through the spine and pedestrian walkways and reverberating with the same dynamic of activity that distinguishes O West. At the same time, the master plan ensures that O Business district is easily accessible from outside of O West.

Standalone office building in O Business District

The co-working cluster is a habitat for working, networking, and meetings in an amicable and relaxing setting. O Business District encourages synergy between business owners, creating the perfect environment for networking & growth.

Business offices in O West

Whatever is your approach to business, O Business District has the perfect, custom-made office work space and tools for your journey. As business owners’ demand is the core driving force behind O Business District; different office units are available for different approaches to business, specifically designed to create a new uncharted work space of creativity and aspirations.

Architecture of business offices in O West

O Business District’s premises create high-end, custom made business headquarter options for you. You can pick from different headquarter units: the Solos office buildings with luxuriant design—for those who demand nothing less than immaculate excellence in their business environment, the Quattros & Duettes with a serene, secluded office space— for efficient and calculative minds, or the Rubiks Offices with creative and groovy distinctive features—for those who think out of the box and work with a work team that is constantly dynamic.

Facade of business office buildings in O Business District

For those who need a zone to focus, the Duettes & Quattros buildings are business headquarters that feel like home. With a concentrated, efficient space that can take up to 2 or 4 enterprises in each building, the low-rise buildings combined with a view of greenery and pleasantness create the utmost serene workspace environment—a tranquil headspace for your muses to stimulate your mind. The Duettes & Quattros buildings are the optimal soil where your success grows.

retal central plaza in O Business District

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