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Sole Makadi Height Front Cover

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Landscape design in Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights covers an area of 3.4 million square meters with more than 85% of its total area dedicated to green areas, water features and open spaces. With an elevation reaching 78 meters above sea level, Makadi Heights residents are guaranteed magnificent panoramic sea views. Shopping, leisure and entertainment facilities are all integrated within the development. There is no need to go elsewhere; just relax and enjoy a new, carefree lifestyle in a spectacular elevated location.

location of Makadi Heights on the Red Sea coast

Makadi Heights occupies a prime location which is accesible by sky, sea or land. It is only 15 minutes away from Hurghada airport, while the towns of Hurghada and El Gouna are just 20 and 45 minutes away. Minutes away from major cities, with amenities that ensure residents will never need to interrupt their quality time, Makadi Heights is an all-inclusive town, planned for simple, effortless convenience. 

master plan for Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights has everything a family could need for the ultimate vacation, including a beach club, mall, clubhouse, an entertainment hub and a supermarket. At Makadi Heights, Orascom provides its signature holistic experience, so residents only need to leave the comfort of your space, on their own terms. Entertainment is a key focus at Makadi Heights, with central clubhouses and entertainment hubs to suit your needs, accessible from every corner of the development. The retail center features a variety of shopping and dining facilities.

SOLE Master Plan

At Sole Neighbourhood, home buyers can find generous accommodation for families of all sizes, embedded in large green areas full of natural light. These standalone villas are brought together by private pools for each cluster, where residents and their neighbors can mingle and enjoy the laid back luxuries of Makadi Heights. Roof terraces and balconies allows tenants to enjoy all the sights nature has to offer along with elevated 360 views of the Red Sea landscape.

Back render for Sole Standalone Villas at Makadi Heights

Standalone villas are designed with today’s sophisticated family lifestyle in mind. Perfecting homes from the outside in, Orascom have combined comfort and functionality with their modern minimalistic home styling. Where the outdoor space is considered an extension of each home, there is a unique opportunity to let nature in, with open sunny designs that allow residents to enjoy the view from every angle.

Front render for Sole Standalone Villas

A private pool meets every cluster of villas, so residents can hang out, relax and meet new friends. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Makadi Heights, Standalone villas at Sole make the perfect getaway or second home, with beauty that lasts a lifetime.

Interior design for Sole Villas

Exceptionally elegant, Sole’s standalone villas are spacious and airy, bringing light into each home all year round. Sole villas come fully finished, with two color palette options and spectacular sea views guaranteed.

Interior design bathroom in Sole Villas

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view from Sole Standalone villa in Makadi Heights

Orascom Development Holding has been delivering on its unrelenting vision of creating sustainable leisure and residential towns since 1989. As an established global developer, Orascom Development has a pipeline of projects in 3 continents and 7 countries. Orascom Development’s projects stretch across a myriad of worldwide destinations including Egypt, Oman, Montenegro, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.


The company’s diverse portfolio distinguishes the group as a market leader, with one of the largest land banks comprising of 101.0 million square meters.

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