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Majada El Sokhna by Iwan Developments

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3D master plan of Majada El Sokhna

Majada is an exclusive year-round mountain-top sanctuary, carefully designed by Iwan Developments to transform Sokhna’s living experience into a first home, exuding creative influences on the mind, body and soul. Inspired from the word "ماجادا", which means ‘gloriously’ in Arabic, the name reflects the destination’s great beauty and splendour, while offering a glorious magnitude of pleasure in one’s own experience.

Location of Majada in El Sokhna

Majada rests at a magnificent height of 170 meters above sea level on the Galala Mountain, one of Ein El Sokhna’s signature landmarks. With only a 9 minute drive from the new Galala City, it offers direct access to commercial promenades, world-class hospitals, everyday facilities and mixed-use entertainments. It is a 3.3 km drive from the Galala marina and Water Park, and a 30 km drive from the Ein El Sokhna port, as well as a 46 km drive from the Zaafarana road, a 118 km drive from the New Administrative Capital, and a 126 km drive from New Cairo.

Birds eye view of Majada El Sokhna

Majada’s strategic location grants direct access to the International Galala Marina and resort, allowing its homeowners to enjoy an abundance of top-class facilities spanning state-of-the-art medical services, top class educational establishments, a world-class yacht marina, in addition to non-stop water activities and touristic services to entertain and delight.

Master plan for Majada El Sokhna

Majada artfully combines a total area of 101 acres on the Galala Mountain, along a private 600 meters coastline. It dedicates 13.5% dedicated to residential units, that embrace vast private gardens, tailored luxuries, fine dining experiences and a boutique hotel. More distinct amenities range from a nearby medical center, a spa and yoga center, a relaxing beach clubhouse, and a diving center. 

View of the sea from Majada El Sokhna

Explore the rolling hills of Ein El Sokhna and breathe with deep admiration as you set eyes on the untouched horizon. Escape to the stars on the observation deck and enjoy sun-drenched seclusion on the beach. Unwind into your own peaceful garden, relaxing with open vistas of brightly coloured flowers and shade trees; rejuvenating waterfalls and pristine lagoons.

Swimming pools in Majada El Sokhna

Nestled amidst the exquisite landscape of the mountain, discover a Majada enclave of renewal and recreation. Beckoning you to listen, observe and explore your natural surroundings to a soothing coastal pace. Enjoy a retreat with friends and family, expansive with recreation and energy, while overlooking the lush mountain terrains – a haven like no other.

The view from inside one of the ho

The outdoor facades feature artisanal light and dark desert-themed touches that are in harmony with its tranquil surroundings. The earthy ambience seamlessly blends within the modern living spaces, creating a grounding atmosphere that inspires a long-term stay.


Intimate and exclusive, Majada’s living spaces inspire bright and airy comfort. Its wide-ranging villas, twin houses, chalets and duplexes open to a private view of the Red Sea coastline and exquisite mountain landscapes.


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