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LakefrontResidences Mivida New Cairo

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View of The Lake District in Lakefront Residences Mivida New Cairo

The Lakefront Residences overlook the serene waters of The Lake District, New Cairo’s upcoming Dining and Entertainment Hub, with its beautiful lake, stunning landscapes and exceptional outdoor experience. Located at the heart of Mivida and steps away from all of its premium facilities, everything you could need for fun, relaxation and enjoyment is just moments away.

Apartment Buildings in Lakefront Residences Mivida New Cairo

Characterized by its beautiful lake and stunning landscape, The Lake District provides an array of activities for the entire family ensuring continual stunning views, offering an excpetional outdoor experience. Located in the heart of Mivida, at The Lake District there is something for everyone.

Facilities near the Lakefront Residences Mivida New Cairo

Stylish shopping and dining are just moments away from Lakefront Residences at the Shopping Boulevard. Inspired by the famous La Rambla of Barcelona, its shops and entertainment facilities are sure to make it a focus for the Mivida community.

The inner courtyards are beautifully landscaped, peppered with amenities to fit the needs of the entire family with a pool, fitness center, barbeque and a kids’ area all offering a one-of-a-kind tranquil ambiance fit for pure relaxation.

Lakefront Residences Mivida New Cairo

Location of Lakefront Residences on Mivida Master Plan

​Location of LAKEFRONT RESIDENCES on Mivida Master Plan

Lakefront Residences Floor Plans

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location of Mivida New Cairo

Emaar Misr presents a unique, self-contained green community in the heart of New Cairo. Sprawling 890-acre land plot, Mivida represents what the name suggests: “My Life”. Everything the city dweller could hope for is here, in an urban environment which is at the same time based around mother nature. The wide-open boulevards, parks and gardens allow the residents of Mivida to breathe in a city which can often finds itself choked. In this clean atmosphere, all aspects of life are to be provided for; home, health, education, leisure, business and pleasure. The architectural style of the development brings the Mediterranean back home, via the Spanish settlements of California. Overall, the master plan is designed to make Mivida seem like an oasis in the heart of New Cairo.


Strategic Location

The site of Mivida has been chosen carefully. It is located in New Cairo City, in the south east of Cairo Governate. This gives ideal access to all the capital's infrastructure, while avoiding the congestion and smog of the downtown area. Mivida is a short drive from Cairo International Airport, and located near Road 90 in New Cairo City, and the Suez and Ain El Sokhna Roads to the north and south. The American University in Cairo is only 20 minutes away from Mivdia. The whole development is strategically planned and laid out, as room is not an issue. This gives the perfect balance between space and buildings, designed to give a feeling of tranquility and calmness. Mivida residents will never be far from a lake, trail or open space.


Sustainable Living

Open space makes up 80% of the total area of Mivida. This shows a commitment to sustainability, as well as a belief in the benefits of a natural environment. The concept of Mivida living is that every single building will have direct access to a landscaped walkway, and an unobstructed view of the parks, trees and open spaces within the development. Mivida uses the latest technology behind the scenes to maintain these high ecological standards. With the smart use of energy, such as solar panels powering street lamps, pollution is kept to a bare minimum. Mivida is also planned with a reservoir to recycle the water used in the complex.


The Boulevard

At the center of the life of Mivida is The Boulevard. Designed with Barcelona's Las Ramblas in mind, The Boulevard is the central destination for Mivida's social life. Perfectly designed as the rest of the complex, the area is landscaped to include as many natural features as possible, in a wide-open space. It is designed for pedestrians to enjoy the evening air, while they consider which shops to visit. As well as the greenery provided by grassed areas, the trees which line The Boulevard also provide welcome shade from the sun. This is complemented by the many other canopied areas, where families, friends or couples can sit and relax.


Lakeside Parks

The Boulevard is ideal for enjoying the evenings, the Parks and Lake district is perfect for daytime pursuits. The central lake is bounded by the Parks to the north east, which are filled with natural beauty, leisure and sporting facilities. These include tennis courts and open-air walks. The lake itself will be the center of family activities, with its clean, clear blue water. The parks are home to many species of plants and trees. These bring color and serenity to Mivida New Cairo, as well as an extra boost for the clean air the whole complex provides.


Home Choices

The integrated nature of Mivida is to provide homes as well as facilities. The design and location of different styles of residence is quite unique in Mivida. These range from apartments, to town houses, twin houses and villas, which gives the choice of an urban feel or a more sedate lifestyle. Each type of building fits into the overall theme of Mivida's Mediterranean feeling architecture and layout. These different types of homes are designated their own parts of the Mivida complex. Set out around the curved, central roadway, these are easily identifiable neighborhoods in themselves. Known by Avenues, Greens, Springs, Gardens, The Views, Parkside Villas, Park Residence and the Crescent, they all have their own vistas within Mivida.


Mivida Business Park

Located in the south western section of the complex is the Mivida Business Park. With access to nearby South Teseen road, this will be a state of the art facility in grounds that are designed to feel part of the whole Mivida experience. The business park is designed to increase productivity whilst reducing stress. The park has 150,000 square meters of office space. There will also be a business center, executive gym and a number of large meeting rooms. Outside, there are planned walkways and covered terraces, as well as food and drink outlets.


Community Facilities

As it's all about people at the end of the day, Mivida is designed to help people settle in and get to know each other. This is helped by the Homeowners Corner, which is accessed by the My Mivida internet portal. This provides social activities calendars, and essential support links. On completion, Mivida will have a full range of services, including a hospital and schools. There is the Little Giants Nursery, for children under school age. This is a great way for younger children to meet others of their age and feel part of a wider community. Mivida is partnered with Europa Schule Neu Kaio International School, which provides education in both the German and English languages. The school teaches both languages, giving kids a great start in life. There are three levels of attainment; Kindergarten, Preschool and a final Baccalaureate or Abitur qualification.


Final Word

Mivida is a unique development in a growing part of a world city. Its emphasis on sustainability is likely to be much copied, as discerning parents and city dwellers look for cleaner, healthier urban living.

Mivida New Cairo master plan by Emaar Misr
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