Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh

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swimming pool and building architecture in hawaii sahl hasheesh

Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh offers to its residents a new different theme for the first time in Egypt. The resort is designed and constructed in a Hawaiian wooden design and unique tropical Hawaiian landscape of palm trees, gardens, flowers and water features which are perfectly selected.

master plan for Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh

The project has a unique architectural design with all buildings are arranged so that the majority of homes have a 45 degree angle terrace that ensure perfect views of the sea. It is estimated that 90% of units are overlooking the sea from different sides of the resort.

the sea view from Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh

Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh offers five types of units including Studios, 1 Bedroom apartments, 2 bedrooms apartments, Gorgeous luxury villas and Special water-bungalows. All Units are either overlooking the sea, landscape and swimming pools or golf courses.

interior design theme in Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh

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Landscape design in Hawaii Sahl Hasheesh