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Fouka Bay The House Hotel & Residence Royale

The House Hotel & Residence Royale offers an authentic glimpse into a world of beachfront luxury and nostalgic architecture inspired by Egypt’s golden era of the 20s and 30s. Nestled in sublime water surroundings in every direction, the enchanting amphitheatre of sky and sea invites you to seize the finest in contemporary island life unfolding in opulence around the most exclusive spot in Fouka Bay. Take in captivating views of private pools and serene seascapes from the comfort of your own serviced apartment, as you experience royal treatment alongside friends and family.

The House Hotel & Residence Royale landscape and water features

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Location of Fouka Bay on the North Coast


Blissfully basking by Ras El Hekma’s gleaming coastline to boast an exclusive spot on the North Coast’s azure shoreline, Fouka Bay rolls out on 1 million square meters to offer an abundance of signature experiences, you’d normally have to travel thousands of miles for. Planned with your convenience in mind, the idyllic development is just a pleasant 3 hour drive from Cairo, and only minutes away from Fouka Highway. It is also ideally located 211 km from Alexandria, and 75 km from Marsa Matrouh, setting itself as the greatest year-round escape in the North Coast.

Swimming pools in The House Hotel & Residence Royale in Fouka Bay

The House Hotel & Residence Royale is artfully landscaped to create a nature-inspired retreat with private gated zones. Your royal serviced apartment is surrounded by colourful flower beds lined by wooden benches and relaxing waterfalls, while enjoying direct access to linear and rooftop pool decks for tanning and unwinding. Blending the best of water and greenery, The House Hotel & Residence-Royale is a floating paradise and a landmark work of architecture where luxury experiences take infinite forms.

view of serviced apartments in Fouka Bay

Boasting a full complement of top-notch amenities spanning vast pools, a state-of-the-art spa, a cutting-edge gym, premium banquette facilities, a business hub and a private beach, The House Hotel & Residence-Royale offers everything you need to strike the perfect balance between home-style living and hotel hospitality. By partnering with world-renowned Kerten Hospitality, residents will feel pampered as they immerse themselves in worlds of sun-drenched activities, late night entertainment and scrumptious culinary adventures, complimented by housekeeping services and round-the clock concierge assistance, so they needn’t worry about a thing.

Pools in The House & Hotel Residence Royale

The House Hotel & Residence Royale enjoys an exclusive front-row seat onto a tranquil beach stretch, as well as landscaped pool island to privately offer panoramic views of the turquoise bay for relaxing and entertaining. Fully equipped with tanning sun-beds, showers, and first-aid facilities, the magical spot is a daily escape to connect with nature, as you kayak across integrated island clusters, or simply sink into shimmering.

Master Plan for The House Hotel & Residence Royale at Fouka Bay

Master planned on 3 different elevations, the hotel’s levelled typology sets all units on varied inclinations angled at 30, 45 or 90 degrees to ensure unobscured waterfront views for every home type. Designed to lend impressive space and flexibility for all unit types, all fully-finished apartments enjoy ideal ventilation, ample sun-light and a grand aesthetic nature steeped in floating surroundings. 

View of the beach from The House Hotel & Residence Royale

A quick glance at the hotel’s impressive exteriors consists of unexpected glimpses into noble perspectives and authentic touches, articulated in an inviting fan pattern, engulfing windows facing the sea. By infusing geometric ornamentation to adorn streamlined modern facades, the hotel’s royal exteriors open up towards the Mediterranean to - metaphorically and literally- protect themselves from direct sun light through small constellation holes, iconic to Fouka Bay while leaving visitors in a state of awe to discover more.

interior design

Possibly the best part of your stay at The House & Hotel Residence Royale is that your fully furnished serviced apartment is an exclusive retreat of utmost privacy, while offering A to Z luxury on par with elegant hotels however long you wish to stay. Spacious, sleek and well-equipped with state of- the art kitchens and air conditioning systems, your apartment embodies excellence based on THH standards while enjoying full access to 24/7 housekeeping and concierge services, in addition to placing your life at the intersection of exclusive tranquillity and non-stop action.

bedroom interior design in The House Hotel Royale

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Fouka Bay Full Master Plan

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