O West’s Fera presents a community of an unparalleled lifestyle, a community of elegance and elite luxuriant units with equally mesmerising views, overlooking the sports club’s social park as a vantage point of eminent comfort. O West’s Fera Residences is set to be an eloquent community of unmatched quality of life. The smart homes with cutting-edge technology and home automation features create the perfect home for residents within a community of top-notch quality of life.

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Located in the heart of O West, Fera Residences offers homeowners a mesmerising view of the sports club, while maintaining exclusivity and privacy.

Fera offers a lifestyle of unprecedented quality; O West’s vision for an elite, eloquent community is evident in a neighbourhood oriented with a dazzling view on O West’s sports club’s social park. The limited number of units—with generous dedicated benefits and amenities—are situated within a handpicked plot of land, utilizing the area’s topography for an enclave of privacy and elite seclusion without the constraints of physical fences.

Fera’s high-end homes are embroidered with reflective linear water elements, terrace gardens, and pedestrian pathways seaming through the neighbourhood. The serene sunken garden is dedicated for a pleasant open-air experience for the residents, where they can relax and socialize in a harmonious community.

Designed by SB Architects, the façade of the residences deliver a dynamic cascading aesthetic that echoes through every corner in the neighbourhood. Through the elaborate designs of large glazed openings, roof decks, and terraces, Fera Residences orient homeowners with the sports club’s social park dazzling view. 

Fera’s buildings combine contemporary and art deco design. In line with O West evocation of Ancient Egyptian’s opulence, the layering materials, sharp definitive lines, and elements of architecture render Fera a monolith of top-notch living within Cairo’s skyline.

The Fera Residences are laden with beautifully manicured gardens and verdant green spaces, with the sports club’s lush and vibrant landscape acting as the cornerstone for the panoramic view. Fera’s vistas paint a picture perfect luxury to look forward to every day.

Fera’s units are generously spacious homes. Unhindered by any boundaries, the ample spaces within the units, reflect in wide spaces for closets and master bathrooms, wide dining and living spaces, and vast terraces and roof decks, overlooking spectacular vistas where comfort and eloquence dominate.

The elegance of O West’s Fera dominates every aspect in the residences, flowing through every corner in the homes and extending to the interiors. Through different customized signature interior designs by prominent names in the world of interiors, O West’s Fera residents get to choose their exclusive, tailor-made interiors suiting their discerning tastes.

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