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(every ) Business Park


(every ) business offies in Swanlake Residences New Caio

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(every ) business park in New Cairo

Designed to reflect an aesthetic union between function and form, (every ) is Hassan Allam Properties’ innovative brainchild, crowning a prime location in the heart of Swanlake Residences - New Cairo building on its top-class offerings while bringing to fruition a signature one-stop destination, combining vital ingredients such as business, retail, and leisure to creatively cater to the ever-changing needs of contemporary lifestyles.

Location of (every ) Swanlake Residences

Ideally located at the intersection of tranquillity and action, (every ) is just minutes away from Cairo’s main attractions, boasting a prime location overlooking Suez highway primarily, as well as Mohamed Naguib’s Axis with a starting point at the east leading to El Rehab Gate 13. From the south, the destination provides direct access to Youssef El Sebai Axis, and from the west, it instantly leads to the Mirage Residence.

master plan of (every ) business park by Hassan Allam Properties

Mindfully master-planned by world-renowned Callison RTKL, (every ) Business Park stands as a true testament of contemporary elegance with its inescapable grandeur and inviting façades breaking down at street level to embrace open verdant vistas and pedestrian-friendly walkways, encouraging exploration inside New Cairo’s most premium location.

rooftop terraces in office buildings

(every ) Business Park rolls out on an impressive 72,000 sqm across 4 floors to introduce a premium variety of cutting-edge office spaces, peacefully spread out across its promenade’s upper floors to inspire and delight. Designed to accommodate the latest in modern technology while inviting New Cairo’s exceptional verdant views inside, the office spaces are sleek sanctuaries of calm, cultivating an ideal work environment to engage, thrive and seamlessly perform in creative surroundings, accelerating productivity and growth.

facade of office buildings

Built to suit, while blending high-end concrete, stones with sweeping glass façades taking in Kattameya’s horizon views, the office spaces reflect the best in ultramodern architecture set to become the center point of business excellence east side of Cairo. Dynamic, diverse and agile, (every ) office spaces are carefully crafted to accommodate diverse industries spanning large multinationals, blue-ships, digital natives, local conglomerates and co-working spaces.

(every ) business and retail

Understanding that form is a product of the mind while function is a product of matter, (every ) is carefully designed to bridge the gap between both worlds by offering a harmonious union that brings the best of aesthetics for humanity and top-class functionality, powered by the latest in science and technological advancement—a transcendent experience that will stand the test of time.

landscape design at (every ) Swanlake Residences

Every aspect of the destination has been aesthetically conceived to open onto sun-kissed parks, tranquil open landscapes and mesmerising backdrops, delivering the best that New Cairo has to offer, giving you every reason to fall in love.

entrance lobby of office building

Imaginatively designed for communities to flawlessly execute at work while immersing in a splendid melange of enriching experiences, (every ) is a hotbed for seamless business affairs and a social nexus for inspiring encounters, introducing a highly integrated model centered around value-creation by putting enhanced productivity, retail luxuries, non-stop entertainment and world-class hospitality at the palm of your hand.

retail shops

Step into 43,000 sqm and uncover an unprecedented world of handpicked eateries, artisan cafés and world-class restaurants, spreading along a pleasant pedestrian promenade to cater to your every mood. Boasting the finest brands and global level entertainment to impress, (every ) Retail Hub is an exclusive invitation to lose yourself in a multitude of experiences, spanning hand-picked international and local brands, boutique collections and fresh flavors, perfected by impeccable service, anytime of the day.

(every ) Business Park

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