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Crowning a prime location in Egypt's New Capital R8 next to the Diplomatic District, Residence Eight is mindfully master planned on 23 acres of land, with 82% dedicated to greenery for a unique flair of smart luxury and seamless walkability, steeped in inspiring 360 degree views - equally captured from inside and outside each home. The iconic development is the first of its kind in Egypt's New Administrative Capital to harmonize the human experience with its natural surroundings by directly opening onto 70 acres, thanks to its exclusive location facing the district’s sports club. Expertly designed by internationally-acclaimed YBA in collaboration with SKY AD., Residence Eight introduces a pioneering vision that reengages the forces of sun and wind to foster an ecology-based future. By carefully analysing the direction of winds, the sun’s movement and greenery surrounding the site, Residence Eight embodies ideal principles of harmony with nature to promote human health, as well as year-round wellbeing through equal views for all homeowners alike. The landmark development blends perfectly into breathing landscapes, embellished by a green sight all around to maximize natural light and ventilation, shaded areas in harsh sun hours, as well as magical views from both inside and outside your house. All homes are planned on equally spaced V-shaped clusters facing North to allow cool breeze inside each unit while creating expansive spaces where people can entirely enjoy nature in a more intimate way.

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