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The Lowdown: is Compound Living in Egypt the Right Choice for You?

by Admin on November 20, 2018

With new property purchases being a source of worry and undue stress for many families, it really pays to consider all the living options at your disposal. Lately, compound living in Egypt has become a popular accommodation choice, particularly for families – there’s plenty of options to be had such as different sizes and types of compound properties, or the range of amenities and facilities that are available in the compound and so much more.

Is compound living the right choice for you and your family? We discuss.

Compound Living in Egypt: What’s in it for You

According to property experts, there are many, many advantages when it comes to compound living:

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is the fact that they are secure and private, gated communities, keeping residents a reasonable distance away from the outside world – providing for not only complete peace of mind but also a certain level of escapism. And with security cameras and a dedicated security crew, you have practically nothing to worry about – it’s almost as if you have the whole compound to yourself. Well, sort of.

Egypt’s compounds are almost never overcrowded. The atmosphere is reasonably quiet and serene with residents being in limited numbers – so there’s none of that hustle and bustle that you would typically expect in, say, apartments or any other crowded residential town, for that matter. A major benefit is that you’ll also never have to worry about someone occupying your parking spot, having your own dedicated one, be it indoor or outdoor.


But if you prefer not to drive or own a private car, then if you’re lucky enough, your compound management company might offer residents transportation to/from specific areas.

Interestingly, the concept of compound living was conceived to provide residents with a certain level of luxury and ease of access – eliminating the need to commute outside the compound for groceries and everyday essentials or entertainment and leisure.

Finally, compounds offer lush green landscape areas which serve as the perfect backdrop for a family picnic or just a lazy afternoon spent relaxing. To further add to this beauty, you might come across fountains, pools and artificial ponds as well.

That’s All Dandy, But Are There Any Disadvantages to Living in Compounds in Egypt?

Well, there are, unfortunately. The most major disadvantage has to do with certain restrictions and exclusivity issues. For instance, space and services can be limited in most compounds, forcing residents to find everyday services (e.g. the launderers or a book store) outside the compound.

Class restriction can be viewed as a disadvantage as well, particularly for kids who have spent a large part of their lives living in a compound – going to a school within the compound or within close proximity of it.

Exclusivity is yet another disadvantage to consider, perhaps more of an annoyance than anything else – when you see a “second-degree” family not living in the compound but still having access to services like the pool, spa or club – which is otherwise limited exclusively to compound residents only.

Compound residential areas are typically located away from the city centre; particularly on the outskirts of Cairo, they are built in slightly remote areas and it could take you a while to reach important places in the city such as the downtown area. Although this could change with expansion plans and the construction of new roads and bridges.

Another downside of compound living are the high prices – they are notably more expensive than their non-compound counterparts. In addition, the goods and services offered inside compounds are also more expensive than the open market.

What about Living in a Non-compound Residential Area?

If you feel that a compound area isn’t the right choice for you and your family, then you might consider living in a non-compound residential property. There are certainly advantages to this:

For starters, you’ll find a variety of options when it comes to shopping areas, restaurants, everyday services and entertainment options. Everything is within reach, sometimes within walking distance, and you’re not limited to living among a particular class of residents. However, the biggest advantage has to be the availability of gas stations, clubs, schools and especially transportation. And as you might imagine, property is a lot more affordable.

However, you’ll have to get used to all the noise and pollution at some point. You may also run into issues when trying to find a suitable parking spot, with a general lack of security and privacy being a common occurrence. Green areas hardly exist although this can vary from district to district.

Hopefully, this article serves as a knowledgebase to help you decide if compound living is for you. Have a look at some of Egypt’s best compounds available on our website in East Cairo, West Cairo and the New Capital. Happy hunting! 

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