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Cavo Ein El Sokhna 3D render

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The view of the sea from Cavo Sokna

Pristine white sands, a mountainous backdrop and azure blue ocean, Cavo is a development that leaves nothing to the imagination. Residents can create a standard of living where they can feed off the simplicity of their surroundings. Their entire being can be at one with nature, where they take inspiration from the expansive mountain range and the sprawling Red Sea. Cavo is all about luxury and indulging in a lifestyle whereby residents feel alive, reborn and refreshed. The all-year-round sunshine invigorates and breathes life into all who experience this magical development.

Hotal Cavo Sokhna

Cavo boasts a proud location, perched above the sea and ranging from a height of 35 metres up to 110 metres, this location is every bit as unique as one would expect. The panoramic views seamlessly unfold in front of you and with 700 spacious and well-equipped units, residents won’t have to look too far for the ultimate in perfection.

Architecture in Cavo Sokhna

The architectural mastery that adorns this quiet corner of Egypt takes inspiration from a simple yet mesmerising location of unassumed beauty. The peace and tranquillity of the lagoons to the vast terrain and wide range of facilities make this a development that caters to all. Cavo is more than a retreat. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Cavo Ein El Sokhna Master Plan

The development has been carefully designed by Liakos Architects. For years, their creative desire and ideas have turned uninhabited areas of natural beauty into thriving communities. With an experience of developing on challenging terrains, these master architects have really utilised the wondrous beauty that surrounds this area. Making use of the topography, the mountains and the views, Cavo is a work of genius.

Cavo Ein El Sokhna wonderful views

There is no shortage of sunshine here and there white private beach creates that magical environment where all can benefit. The resort is positioned on a clifftop and allows residents to enjoy the serenity, wonderful views and the ability to soak up the laid-back atmosphere. The calmness of the Red Sea, the sense of belonging and the wonders of the setting sun as the stars begin to light up the night sky. This development is the pinnacle of the beauty of nature.

Standalone villa in Cavo Ein El Sokhna

Residents can take relaxation to a whole new level. The accommodation has been designed to create a memorable experience. Creating a haven of peace and a sanctuary where residents can escape the trappings of life, the 700 units are all designed to embrace the land that surrounds it. That perfect balance of architectural brilliance and modern design can be experienced in the range of accommodation on offer.

Town House in Cavo Sokhna

Residents can choose from one, two and three bedroom apartments, villas with a sea view or a townhouse perched on the cliffs. Ein El Sokhna has been truly blessed with Cavo.

Hotel Cavo Ein El Sokhna

The wonderful Hotel Cavo Sokhna is designed to offer an escape and a retreat where guests can simply leave it all behind. This world-class hotel caters to the needs of all, it leaves no stone unturned and offers an unforgettable experience, showcasing the brilliance of Cavo. The hotel also offers a first-class wellbeing spa. Guests can take advantage of a range of massage therapies, treatments, detox programs as well as a thermal pool that offers the ultimate in relaxation. The spa takes inspiration from the Red Sea, the mountains and the ability to be at one with nature. From the sauna and jacuzzi to the pool and baths, there is a huge range of choice on offer. Specialist healers lead the way while nutritional therapists and wellness coaches help to squeeze every last drop of amazement from the experience. This is a journey for the mind and soul and one that leaves guests feeling rejuvenated and with a feeling of pure joy. There is an impressive selection of lavish bars as well as restaurants that serve up culinary delights. A memorable experience coupled with exceptional service as well as a perfect setting, create a moment where time feels as though it is standing still.

Apartment buildings in Cavo Sokhna

Residents can take part in activities that range from relaxing activities such as Yoga or swimming to more energetic activities such as hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing. Cavo sets the standard for other developments to follow and it creates the perfect setting where residents will want for nothing.

Town house in Cavo Sokhna

A life-changing experience awaits residents. The entire development encompasses all that life should be about. From a high-standard of living to taking care of their health and wellbeing to enjoying the finer things in life. Cavo really does tick every box, delivering an experience like no other.

Cavo Ein El Sokhna Hotel

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