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About Castle Landmark - New Capital

Castle Landmark New Capital is a new destination for an unparalleled living experience. A place that will take you away from the stressful busy metropolitan life to offer you serenity and luxury. The carefully chosen location will make you forget all about the overpopulated mode of life yet enjoy all the facilities, amenities and needs that would ensure a full fledged life.

Given the history of Castle Development in creating top notch projects and compounds in Egypt and the Gulf, Castle Landmark New Capital will be another milestone in their development career. Striving to create a piece of art project Castle Development has chosen the prestigious German Egyptian company OKOPLAN, known for their outstanding design ventures and architecture work, to design this project.

Castle Development has also joined forces with Misr El Maqassa company to be able to build the project on a very large span given the history of Misr El Maqassa in huge investment projects. The collaboration among the two companies is to ensure that Castle Landmark is a solid success since Misr El Maqassa has a very strong financial presence in the Egyptian market and a prestigious portfolio of successful projects.

Castle Landmark is ideally located in R7 site in the new Administrative Capital which allows you to enjoy a peaceful suburban life style with the charming serenity of the greenery and lakes facilities. Every component of the project is meticulously planned so that all elements combined will create a dreamy experience. The distinctive architecture along with the massive greenery area of 81% of the entire landscape is set to make the project very unique.

Castle Landmark is located in R7 site beside the British university Land No A1. It offers the peaceful lifestyle among state-of-the-art buildings overlooking an area of 81% greenery landscape. Since we are keen to create a high standard relaxing experience and offer the life you have always dreamed of, the project is thoroughly designed by the well known German Egyptian company OKOPLAN who are widely admired by their outstanding design ventures.

The project is built on a space of 41.5 Acres with a residential area that doesn’t go beyond 19% to be able to offer the majority of the landscape to greenery and lakes. The compound strives to induce a relaxation mode hence separate lanes for bicycles and jogging have been incorporated in the master plan design as well as the presence of a fully equipped club house. People with special needs will be taken care of in Castle Landmark since all the entrances and inner roads incorporate special spots for them to facilitate their movement, thus ensure enjoyment and practicality to all residents’ segments.

The project encompasses the everyday life facilities and amenities that includes but not confined to mall, markets, shops, nursery, leisure places, gyms, dinning destinations and much more. Thinking ahead, the project embraces the merits of Solar Energy to light 70% of the buildings and greenery in the compound. 

Castle Landmark New Capital is for those who appreciate fine life because you are going to enjoy the quintessential life in the heart of the future premium destination “The New Administrative Capital”. All apartments enjoy a garden view given the vast greenery landscape and lakes. The beautifully designed modern homes are spacious, with plenty of sunlight. The apartments’ design ensures maximum security and privacy to ensure a stress free mode of life. Apartments range from 120 to 285 sqm and are delivered fully finished with air conditioning.