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Building architecture for Capital One by Namaa

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Capital One Namaa

Namaa presents Capital One, an iconic smart office complex in the heart of the New Capital's Financial District. Capital One features stepped landscaped terraces, roof gardens, an articulated building form and a glass-clad façade. A beacon of modernity equipped with amenities and facilities that merge work, life and play.

location of Capital One in the Financial District

Capital One’s design is a juxtaposition of layered and stepped elements using form, colour and texture to define mass and volume. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between architectural expression and functional performance through innovative design and technical excellence. The curvatures and layering of the complex’s profile and terraced gardens echo the movement of traffic around this major intersection. The composition of solids and glass provides a sense of motion, depth of perception and variety of expression.

facade of office building Capital One by Namaa

The project intends to set an unprecedented benchmark for work, play and life, providing comfort, efficiency and convenience that blend traditional values with modern lifestyles. A host of facilities and amenities are integrated seamlessly into the design to heighten productivity through stimulating the senses and easing work tensions with alternate physical and social work environments. This is an architectural solution of timeless elegance; distinctive yet unpretentious.

building entrance Namaa Capital One

The landscaping design approach combines inspirational elements derived from key features of the identity of Egypt; namely the waves of the desert sands, stylised and rationalised, and the meandering lines of the life-giving Nile carving its winding path through the landscape with punctuation of striking stands of papyrus. The landscape theme reflects the layers, fluidity and flow of the complex design, carefully thought through to present an outstanding and memorable landmark that is easily recognisable by any passer-by.

plaza at Capital One

The clean, contemporary lines of the complex are complemented by a careful selection of plant species, water feature elements, unique accent lighting and paving textures and materials - a thoughtful melding of the urban and the natural. Internal amenities and lounge areas will also be embellished with smaller scaled flora and greenery. The stepped landscaped terraces cater to the various functional requirements of the spaces. Internal atria bring an element of the outdoors to the indoors, with crisscrossing lounges and meeting areas enjoying the natural sunlight, courtesy of an expansive skylight.

jogging track on roof Capital One Office Building

The roof gardens, trees planted along the perimeter and decorative lighting along the street edge all complement the city’s community park. A protected children’s play area is introduced as an extension to the internal day-care centre.

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view of Capital Office Building
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