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Bayou Makadi Heights by Orascom

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Landscape design in Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights by Orascom Development is a multicultural seaside town on the Red Sea coast offering entertainment for all family members all year round; right at the heart of Makadi Bay. Makadi Heights is a town built over 3.4 million square meters, with an elevation reaching 78 meters above sea level guaranteeing magnificent panoramic sea views for residential units.

location of Makadi Heights on the Red Sea coast

Located at the heart of Makadi Bay on the beautiful Red Sea coast, Makadi Heights is only 15 minutes away from Hurghada airport, while the towns of Hurghada and El Gouna are just 20 and 45 minutes away. Getting here from overseas could not be easier. The project also occupies a prime position in Sinai’s blue skies, 78 meters above sea level at the highest point of Makadi Bay, guaranteeing unbeatable panoramic views of the Red Sea wherever you are.

master plan for Makadi Heights

Makadi Heights has everything a family could need for the ultimate vacation, including a beach club, mall, clubhouse, an entertainment hub and a supermarket. At Makadi Heights, Orascom provides its signature holistic experience, so residents only need to leave the comfort of your space, on their own terms. Entertainment is a key focus at Makadi Heights, with central clubhouses and entertainment hubs to suit your needs, accessible from every corner of the development. The retail center features a variety of shopping and dining facilities.

master plan for Bayou in Makadi Heights

Bayou is an exclusive neighbourhood in Makadi Heights with access to a serene and spectacular lagoon. Whether up close, or from the comfort of your window-side, let the lagoon add to your exquisite Bayou view. Featuring stylish sunny apartments, and vast green areas, Bayou is designed to bring the outside in. Embodying maximum comfort and accessibility, amenities and services are close-by.

apartment buildings in Bayou Makadi Heights

Apartments are offered with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, all with attractive landscape features and with breathtaking views of the lagoon guaranteed from all floors. Each cluster of apartments has access to a large communal pool and is surrounded by promenades, walking and cycling trails and tranquil outdoor seating areas.

Bayou apartments overlooking lagoon

Bayou apartments come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of every family, with options of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The designs are integrated into the landscape, letting light and greenery in while standing out as supremely stylish, making a graceful statement alongside the Red Sea landscape.

interiors Bayou apartments

Beautifully luxurious, Bayou apartments embody elegance while inviting nature into your home. Apartments come fully finished, with two colour palette options and spectacular views guaranteed.

building architecture design in Bayou Makadi Heights

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apartment buildings overlooking the lagoon

Orascom Development Holding has been delivering on its unrelenting vision of creating sustainable leisure and residential towns since 1989. As an established global developer, Orascom Development has a pipeline of projects in 3 continents and 7 countries. Orascom Development’s projects stretch across a myriad of worldwide destinations including Egypt, Oman, Montenegro, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.


The company’s diverse portfolio distinguishes the group as a market leader, with one of the largest land banks comprising of 101.0 million square meters.

Orascom Development 30 Years Building Towns
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