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Badya Phase 1 by Palm Hills Developments

Starting Price: EGP 1,088,000

8 Year Equal Instalments

Apartments & Villas

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Location of Badya in 6th of October City expansion plan in West Cairo by Palm Hills

Badya Master Plan

Master Plan for phase 1 of Badya in 6th of October West Cairo by Palm Hills Developments


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About Badya

In September 2017, Palm Hills Developments (PHD) announced the signature of an agreement with the Egyptian New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), with the purpose of co-developing an integrated residential community spreading over 12.6 million sqm (approximately 3,000 feddans) in West Cairo. Badya is an integrated community offering apartment buildings, standalone units complemented with commercial, educational and leisure facilities.

Through this agreement, PHD will be responsible for the development and management of the project; all financing, construction, internal infrastructure, marketing and sales activities, while NUCA will be contributing the land bank alongside all associated external infrastructure to the boundaries of the project site alongside road network (currently under construction).

Badya will be developed between 2018-2038 with a total of 32,252 units (27,687 apartments & 4,565 standalone units). NUCA will be entitled to a revenue share of 26%, translating into c. EGP 25.2 billion payable over 12 years to the Egyptian government, and an in-kind payment of a BUA of up to 422k sqm (consisting of 372k sqm of residential BUA and 50k sqm of commercial BUA).

Commercial components will spread over 12% of the land including: Education (international & local schools), Office (Grade A/B office complex), Retail (concentrated retail, super/hyper market), and Hospitality (luxury wellness resort & spa, 5-star hotel, conference centre and a hospital).

Badya is expected to create 300,000 job opportunities. This is the single largest piece of land acquired by Palm Hills Development in its long history and represents a quantum leap for the Company moving it from developing integrated communities to developing a small city. The project’s investment cost is estimated at EGP 150 billion.

Badya Palm Hills Building Render.jpg

All You Need to Know About Badya

Palm Hills Developments is listed on both the London and Cairo Alexandria Stock Exchanges. It was founded in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company with a vision to develop well-integrated, mixed-use residential communities and resorts. Palm Hills Developments are one of Egypt’s leading real estate developers and have traversed beyond boundaries continuing to set benchmarks in property development, betterment and innovation, spanning East Cairo, West Cairo, the North Coast and the Red Sea.

Badya is the newest and greatest undertaking by Palm Hills Developments. It promises a world of firsts; featuring smart home-technological solutions, lifestyle convenience, everyday accessibility, enlightened creativity, profound culture and a devout pledge of observing, conserving and preserving the great outdoors and indoors.

Badya is a new mega polis, a new start; a hopeful beginning of all things beautiful. A challenge to real estate. An out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new kind of home. A milestone in Egypt’s history and a step for its future.

Badya is The City of Creativity where artistry shapes every bit of every day.

The City of Badya was conceived based on four important pillars:

1. Connectivity

Next to Cairo, the City of Badya marks the centre of the biggest urban development in the near Egyptian future, linking up to numerous surrounding points of interest. The wide expansion of the road network supplemented by a monorail path, high-speed trains and a dense mesh of bus routes guarantees connectivity on all levels. The same applies to Badya itself; a well-planned infrastructure provides you with the best options to choose from. Built with the 5-10-15 Urban Planning Rule in mind, where you are only five minutes away from your daily needs, ten minutes away from your weekly needs and fifteen minutes away from monthly needs. Badya features highly accessible pedestrian zones, easily attainable from every residential neighbourhood. Central routes will feature high quality outdoor shopping outlets of various kinds.


2. Cognition

Badya is a truly cognitive city, created in partnership with IBM, that will open doors, paths and eyes to an ease we can only imagine. It will be the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East. Badya is a city that is truly alive and adapts to suit its residents and serve them better every day.

  • Facial recognition: From checking out at the market to setting the treadmill at the gym, this technology will minimize unwanted loitering and ensure every aspect of well-being to all residents.

  • City Surveillance will promise safer streets and secure neighbourhoods.

  • Tracking Devices for children will ensure their safety at all times.

  • Badya Pay will provide a cashless community.  

  • Health Monitoring advancements to ensure residents are kept up to date.

  • Waste management handled by Badya City Operating Room will ensure a healthier and more hygienic way of life.

  • Predictive Maintenance Solutions Network will allow residents to live in a community that runs smoothly and effortlessly with no need to call for repairs.

  • Micro-sensors to detect air pollutants, noise levels, heat and humidity readings.

  • Intelligent lighting will allow for cellular cooling technology and optimized brightness.

  • Video monitoring for home, vehicle and pedestrian security.

  • Special considerations for elderly and disabled to ensure nothing gets in their way.

  • Dynamic Parking

  • Charging points for electric transport vehicles

  • Driverless vehicles

  • Cognitive concierge and Virtual Personal Assistant

  • Badya Collaborate will provide residents with interactive neighbourhood solutions.


3. Sustainability

Badya is the first city in the Middle East and North Africa to be in full compliance with the UN sustainability goals. At least 95% of residents will be a pleasant two-minute stroll away from the green parks filled with vibrant botanical life and water elements. Neighbourhoods will be interweaved with pathways to promote walking and cycling in safe, breathable atmospheres. Almost all residents will be just three minutes from neighbourhood squares, which are communal gardens speckled along the way bringing the entire community together. Central plazas promoting less motorised transport will highlight the centre of each residential block and will be interlocked with scenic bike lanes and footpaths to the many others throughout the splendour of Badya. Every destination can be reached easily by public transport, car, or bike.

Within certain public gardens will be a sprinkling of private sports clubs geared to embellish athletic pursuits by amplifying breathing room and enhancing the view. Cycling, jogging, tennis, swimming, skateboarding, and horse riding will all be made available. Specialised vegetation will provide crisp air corridors and enable a year-round ventilation coupled with patches of shade. Benches, seat decks, large scaled city furniture, water works, shading structures and planting areas will provide ample comfort along the way in the Badya community. The green courtyards in Badya offer a natural environment right at your window for you and your family to enjoy.

With noise reduction reduced, dust protection increased and waste management optimised, residential neighbourhoods will enjoy the sweet scented, serenity of their protected privacy like never before with 40% renewable energy powering the city.


4. Culture

Badya has been created with the premise of enriching culture and exposing a more art-of-lifestyle mode of living. Internationally accredited universities, design schools and nurseries, luxury sports clubs and championship venues, green office spaces and cutting-edge administration buildings, urban residential units and inspired landscaping all interconnected, interweaved and interchangeable in the comforting convenience of one, creative place.

Open-air venues for retail, art, theatre, cinema and performance will be designated as will galleries, cafes, restaurants and a booming nightlife. Business will be conducted in parks and get-togethers out of this world. Focusing on what builds the future, the central district, a start-up hub (Badya Work), where all fresh new entrepreneurial ideas and suggestions are welcome. Along with this, Badya introduces a branded courtyard by great talented Egyptian designers. Badya will turn the page to a new chapter in Egyptian arts and culture, while introducing a whole new world of creative fancies to who call it home.

When buying a new home in Badya, it is not simply the purchase of a property or a community. It is not just an investment in the future. It is indeed a step in to a new realm of being.

Facilities and amenities within Badya The Creative City

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