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Aria is a residential gated compound in a prime location in Mostakbal City from Landmark Sabbour. A range of 2 to 3 bedr apartments and a limited number of town homes are available in Aria. It has a different look and feel to it and if you were to analyse it, you’d realise that the landscape to hardscape ratio is unique. Unique in the sense that the hardscape compliments the landscape; having a controlled amount of green areas is the key to consistency, as hardscape tends to live longer since it’s more durable than grass, providing sustainability and keeping the aesthetic factor unified. It’s a more realistic approach that does not compromise anything, but as a matter of fact adds to the living experience. Part of living in a properly planned city or compound is having public furniture provided, and in more advanced examples the furniture is fixed and part of the hardscape, for visual and durability purposes. The hardscape is not exclusively intended to be walkways but also apartment numbered parking spaces and bicycle lanes.

Aria Compound is a wonderful and radiant place during the day. At night, the other side of the coin reveals itself and its hidden beauties, built-in lighting within the hardscape and landscape makes night-time outdoor activities more encouraging.

The smallest of details have been tended to in this project from the apartment numbers’ signs, to the railing materials and building colours all the way to the manhole designs. Coloured with a meticulous palette, the building designs sing in perfect harmony with the hardscape colours and designs giving Aria a special tone of voice and character of its own.


The services at Aria have been researched and put through all the tests, but what makes it all the more special is the application bestowed upon the residents. Yes, one application connects the whole compound’s services to home owners. Services such as car wash, laundry, plumbing, window cleaning, electric work, and all kinds of odd jobs; it’s like living in a hotel. Infrastructure at Aria tends to the daily needs of its residents, a nursery, a mosque, a retail centre, a club house, kids’ park and more. A fully integrated compound to suit the needs of kids, adults and the whole family together.


The ‘An eye for detail’ ideology is the core in which Aria was conceived. Every inch of Aria was created so carefully. Landmark Sabbour didn’t neglect the four main elements of life (Earth, Air, Fire, & Water). Earth Element: Broad green landscapes on a spacious land filled with parks and trees for those sunrise cardio exercises and romantic sunset walks. Air Element: The openness, the spaciousness, and of course, the feeling of freedom. Let the air flow around you and just let go, plenty of studies prove that there are numerous health benefits associated with access to public open space and parks. Water Element: Fountains and pools in public spaces make every step you take breezy and calming. The sound of water running gently in a fountain on a warm spring afternoon is a guaranteed moment of comfort and relaxation. Fire Element: The energy and positivity that such an environment can create is uncanny. Scenarios such as picnics and bicycle rides are a given, and in such a stress-free zone, nothing can get in the way of your passions… and barbecues!



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